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Lolicon? Lolita? How so?


What's the line between loli and not-loli?  I'd say 14 and above is not, but up to 13 could be.  Lolita herself is 12 when Humbert meets her, and later writes that girls stop being nyphets at around 14.  (If you're wondering who Humbert is, this next part will shock you.)  Of course, a lolita complex has nothing to do with a young age in particular.  The lolita complex is about finding a relationship with somebody the same age as the last time he had the feelings.  (Humbert has his first sexual experience and love with a girl of 14, who then dies of typhus.)

At 14, somebody understands what sex really is.  They may not be or feel mature enough for it yet, but they understand it.  At 14, one is biologicaly an adult.  So, thoughts?


For me, it's Kouyama Mitsuki-chan!


One is legally an adult at 18, so the line should be 17.


Only the age of consent is lower in some states.  It's 16 in Japan I believe. 




I don't know why so many gaijin believe that.
Do they think Japan is lolicon heaven or something?

No, it's 18 in Japan, too.



It is now.  Very recently (last few years) Japan upped the age to 18 from 12 due to international pressure.  Hey, in America, it's usually 16, and in Louisiana it's 14.  Still a far cry from lolicon, but lower than other places.  Canada is 14 nationally, though.  Plus, there is the issue of how well it is enforced.  Plus, there's a difference between age of concent and the age at which participation in pornoraphy is legal. is a good resource.


as long as the girl is hot that should be her age of consent. Some girls start getting hot at age 12. Well when I was 12, all my female classmates started becoming hot babes.


Yeah, that's why it's more accepted for an underage guy to have sex with an underage girl, as opposed to an underaged girl and an older guy that should be staying with girls his own age, rather than ripping people apart with his gigantic dick. 


When I was 12, the class a year above me was full of tall voluptuous babes when it finished elementary. Meanwhile the girls in the class below me stayed short and flat chested two years later when they finished. Genetics can be a funny thing.

I think age of consent dependends on the girl's mental state and sex education, as well as physical development. And don't forget just because a girl CAN give consent, that doesn't mean they will. If you look at countries that have more thorough sex ed, they tend to have lower rates of teen pregnancy than those who don't.


Those girls that have had thorough sex ed just realize the kind of shit they can get into if they are not careful.


Actually how does it go then. Assuming the age of consent was liek 18, if a 12 yr old boy and a 12 yr gal had consensual sex and their parents find out. The gal's parents can charge the boy for underage sex but the it can also apply vice versa.


The legal age in various locales is totally irrelevant to this topic.


With loliCON, e.g. lolita complex aka pedophilia, I'd say it's not about age, it's about boobs.  If she's old enough to have boobs, she's not loli anymore.  If she's flat-chested and has a childish build, I don't care if she's 34, she's still loli.

However, this has nothing to do with LEGALITY, mind you.


There's plenty of flat chested eighteen year olds, as well as thirty year olds.


And that's one part of the purpose of sex ed isn't it?


And they're still loli


I love lolicon. ^_^


But let us be prim and civilized. Humbert Humbert tried hard to be good. Really and truly, he id. He had the utmost respect for ordinary children, with their purity and vulnerability, and under no circumstances would he have interfered with the innocence of a child, if there was the least risk of a row. But how his heart beat when, among the innocent throng, he espied a demon child, "enfant charmante et fourbe," dim eyes, bright lips, ten years in jail if you only show her you are looking at her.
So life went. Humbert was perfectly capable of intercourse with Eve, but it
was Lilith he longed for. The bud-stage of breast development appears early
(10.7 years) in the sequence of somatic changes accompanying pubescence. And
the next maturational item available is the first appearance of pigmented
pubic hair (11.2 years). My little cup brims with tiddles.




"Lolita" - Vladimir Nabokov


"Lolita" - Vladimir Nabokov


"Lolita" - Vladimir Nabokov


And no delete button either -_-

So this post isn't completely worthless, allow me to interject:
You spelled "consent" incorrectly. The proper website address is


why is this thread in /anime/ :confused:


Spain's age of consent is 13.
For Mexico and the Phillipines, 12.


<16. 16 and over seems to be socially acceptable to date some up to and over 25. At least here it is.



In Japan,It`s 18 for long long time.
I`m correct `cos I`m japanese.

If I love 14 or 15 years old girl. Most of friends say "You are crazy."


lolita complex very common


many manga/anime full of lolita action and it is a big problem among fans


>31 Why is it a problem?


no idea ask a phsiciatrist why all the anime nerds develope a fetish for inocent little girls or better yet ask one they are everywhere on 7chan

7chan may contain hideous matireal not meant to be seen by normal humans        normal sane folk should avoid it


same with 420 2 and 12


who the hell is humbert




It's 9 in Yemen, if you're muslim and marry her.


muslims are dirty idiots


I love girls from age 5 to 12, if it was legal to have sex with them - even if it was only for oral, i would - and i have.


     _(*゚ー゚)___  < ah! my poor friend speedy!
    / ノ つつ ./\

          ∧_∧   /‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾
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       /       .|     ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾


It is 18 also in Malaysia but as far as I remember, the age of consent in Malaysia was once 16 (it is!). Also,there are some engagements been made to some extent even the girl is 7 years old and marries at age 12 (before 2000's) or 16 here. Btw, it's a muslim country (again!) and sexual talks among teens is quite common in school although it's frowned upon....Hm...... :/ 


I hope that story isnt true! I sware if I find out any aduld has had sexualk contact in ANY way, shape, or form, I will Get a court order to trace you down, and arrest you on the spot...and my Girl is 14! Im 18! and we have done it...ALOT! But thats different!


i told my mun that i like sweet lolita style and she recommended me to read that nabokov's book since we have it


^^^^^^You Told Yur Mun??


U guy's jokes are so stale.


Japan's AOC in the national law is 12, but varies by prefecture. But the law is rarely enforced and was only thrown on the books to appease Westerners.


It's not about the age, it's abou APPEARANCE. Whatever her age is, but if her appearances is like a young 13-years or less girl, then it's loli


15 and under imo, 16 is the line


State of North Carolina the legal age of consent is either 14 or 16 (can't remember which).


NC is 16, SC is 14, I think.



age of consent in the philippines is 18. but no one really enforces the law. at all.


Correct me if im wrong, but there is no legal age of consent in Japan ? I do know in certian African countries its 12.

In stone age society, of course, a girl was old enough to be married off  and bear children once she started ovulating, which was about 11 years old, because  the average life span at 10,000 was about 25 years (yes, Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids were built largely by teenagers!!). 

As the quality of food, and its protien value rose due to farming, domestication of animals, and the processing of food, and humans became more 'civilised', the onset of puberty also rose  - in the 16th century it was about 16 year. But in the  lat 50 years, the onset of puberty has started to drop  and is now dropping at the rate of 1 week a year (ie puberty occurs one week younger each year), and is now around 12 year 6 months - no one knows why this is occuring.


Im 17, Id do 14 yr old if ive known them for ages (I have done a 14 yr old lol knew her for about 5 years before that though.) otherwise for chicks ive just met prolly 15.


shut up and post some loli porn websites.


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Fuck off!!


in my opinion loli is like girls with under developed bodies or havent started puberty yet.


rori-kon = rolling computer. :/



sick if you are loving a 12-16 yr old...
haha but most are here 13 so its normal ;).
And no its not normal in Yemen to have sex with a 9 yr old.
Unless they are retarded.
It was normal back in the day like...MILJARDS OF YEARS!
i know that because i don't read all the time the fake media...
And a 14 yr old is 150 cm and has a cup A.
How people can find that hot?
^^ 16 yr olds are starting to become but i dont wanna bang her.
23 yr olds are...Gawddamn! hawt!(if they are hot).
And no at 14 nobody understands what making love is.
All they can do is bang that 16 -18 yr old pedophile and thats it.
(they can't even bang correctly...)
And that movie Lolita was fake and gay (sorry i need to say that that movie was actually good because "Lolita" was hot and yes she was in reallife 18 so i am not a pedophile)
*looking at watch*
damn i am typing to long...




If a girl is old enough to understand what sex is and to choose to engage in it and gain pleasure from it then she's old enough. 

Maturity has little to do with a person's age.  I know plenty to women that are in their 20s-30s and are emotionally immature and totally irresponsible.  But I know several girls in their teens that would make excellent mothers (once they're old enough to marry).

The fact is most girl's bodies are mature enough to engage in sexual activity long before their minds are.  Not their fault of course.  It's society that tries to shelter and protect them from what they perceive as harmful.

My grandmother got married when she was 15yo and raised 7 kids and she never had any problems.  But she was responsible and knew how to raise a family from having helped raise her younger siblings.

Young girls can engage in a loving sexual relationship and not be emotionally harmed by it IF they are prepared and know what to expect.





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If she knows what to do with a penis, where to put it, how to arouse it, then she's old enough for me!


hi from japan. come and mail me if you like:)


Loli is more of an art style. When you tag an age to it, you get people who are like "Ohhh fucking pedos" after you.

For example! Let's take Sasami and Tenchi. If they were to fuck, who's the pedo?

Note: Tenchi is still in his teens.
Sasami is actually 800+ years old.

If anything, people need to just drop the age consideration. If you like loli, you like loli.

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Before puberty. She is garbage after.






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