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Gunslinger Girl redhead


/a/ imageboard's still not over their GETs so my inquiry there's getting throttled.

i was browsing GSG image galleries and i came across the cover for volume 8 of the manga. (i only have 1 to 3 in english, they're taking their sweet time in translating the rest).

i'm curious who this redhead is. she looks way older than the usual Social Welfare Department cyborg. or is she part of the Big Five opposition?


the redhead's name is Petrushka, she's a cyborg that gets introduced in volume 6

she's a bit older than the other girls while her handler is a bit younger than the others, so it leads to some interesting interactions between the two


woot! so we finally get to see the handler-cyborg relationship physically acted upon in a more romantic way?


want more GSG manga? (In English of course.)

go here:



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