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Thoughts? I just finished it, and it amazed me. My only problem was the need to have a dictionary at all times while reading (after awhile, I just ignored any word I didn't know).


>(after awhile, I just ignored any word I didn't know)

Way to learn.


Stopping every page for a new word or some French dialogue would ruin my enjoyment. I'll be sure to thoroughly learn every word when I reread it :).


i finished the first part (liked it a lot) and then got really bored with the hotel bullshit that is the beginning of part 2


If what you liked was the "lol he's having sex with a loli", then it probably was best you did stop reading.

If not, pick up the book and get back at it!



no what i liked was all the incidents leading up to and including the death of the mother

then its all "lol hes having sex with a loli" and i wasnt feeling it


I just finished it this afternoon. The book was very well-written and structured. Boring as some people may find them, I did enjoy Humbert's little tangents (the part with the diary, the endless lists and descriptions of things).

On the other hand, man was it ever creepy. The book has no graphic sex, but I didn't expect it to affect me this much. I almost took a shower.


I'm close to finishing it. The weirdest part was the scene on the beach so far where he almost gets caught then just fucking leaves.


My only complaint so far with the book has been all the French. Since I'm listening to it at work (as read by Jeremy Irons (fuck yeah)), I can't stop to translate what I hear and the minimal French I know doesn't cover a lot of what he's saying.

I do, however, quite enjoy how wonderfully messed up everyone in the book seems to be, which I interpret to be more the point of the book rather than "lol hes having sex with a loli." Even that I find to now be sort of a misinterpretation, since Lolita strikes me as a manipulative slattern.


Yeah, the random French was irritating, which is why I'm thinking of getting the Annotated version of the book.

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