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Flash drives: PNY Attache vs. Sandisk Cruzer


Hey, I want to get some opinions here.  There's a couple of Black Friday sales on the Sandisk Cruzer and PNY Attache USB flash drives.  I really would rather get a Lexar JumpDrive Lightning for its on-drive security features, but for the prices that are being offered ($80 for a 2gb USB flash drive?  YA RLY) I think I can suffice.

So does anyone have any recommendations/warnings/cautions about either?  This thing is going to be carried everywhere on my keychain.  What I want to do is get some sort of flash drive security software that password-protects it and works on IBM PC computers. 

Any thoughts?


I have a SanDisk Cruzer mini.  SanDisk offers an encrypter on their site, and the stick itself has a readonly on/off switch.  That's about it for security.  Windows 98 requires a driver, but other than that, it installs automatically in Windows XP and worked in Slackware 10 just fine.


PNY Attache is a piece of fucking shit.  I had their 512MB version, broke after a week.  The thing is flimsy as hell.  Had some irreplaceable MS paint drawings on there too ;_;



Mind if I ask what broke?  Was it physically broken?  Was it covered under any sort of manufacturer warranty?  What environment was it being used in (Carried on a keychain, bounced around, etc.)? 

I want to be able to carry all 1.5gb of my images around with me at all times, so I'm leaning towards the PNY... :-(


Bump; anything is appreciated.  Black Friday is only five days away!  :-(


I also have a SanDisk Cruzer. It's only 128MB, but it has held up pretty good.


What is "Black Friday"?


Black Friday is the day when all the flu vacinations given to millions of people are activated, turning generally frugal individuals into all consuming, shopping whores.
Really though, its the Friday after Indian Killing celebration day.  Stores mark stuff down big time....there are many reasons why they do this.  In summary, "yay capitalism"


The USB plug became loose, and wouldn't transfer data anymore.  I could make it connect for a second by twisting it in the port, but not long enough to get anything off of it.


sandisk, those thigns are fucking indestructable

i had the original usb 1.0, or possibly 1.1 one that was either 16 or 32mb for YEARS. got it free when i ordered my laptop in about 1999, which was a pentium III 700 when that was hot shit, to give you an idea of the timeframe here.

held up well besides some typical cell phone like case scuffing untill i left it in a motel room when i was on a road trip :(, never got any bad sectors or dumb shit like that even though i must have 100% wrote over the thing 4000 times


Uh, if I remember the whole Thanksgiving thing right, it started as a feast /with/ Native Americans.


Lol leftard


Re post 11:
Yes it did start as a feast with Native Americans (according to Thanksgiving legend anyway). And then it rapidly changed to stealing almost all of the Native American land from coast to coast and killing thousands of Native Americans along the way.



Sheesh... leftards these days.


Right-wingers want all Americans to make sure we remember Pearl Harbor, and make sure we remember the Alamo, and make sure we remember any other attacks on our soil, but make sure we forget how we got this soil in the first place.


Get over it, ignore it, cover it up, and use various other such right-wing tactics.


I'm a right-winger, but I'm not Amerikan. If I were American, I'd want governments to stop being stupid (keep out of trouble and trouble will keep out of you), and I'd want citizens to stop being stupid with whatever happened at Pearl Harbor, and whatever happened to natives.


Wait, what? So every Thanksgiving, families gathered to kill Native Americans?

Are you planning to pay reparations to whatever groups your ancestors victimized? Regardless of who you are, if you believe in "sins of the father," you'd better just kill yourself right now, since your very existence is probably at least partly the result of some disagreeable thing that happened in the past.


of course, we have to remember the times our nation was attacked so we will be more proactive in the future with how we defend our nation.
Early settlers in this continent killed native Americans because they wanted their land.
i'm failing to see what is illogical about wanting the former after considering the latter.


There are no Native Americans. Homo Sapiens Sapiens was not indigenous to this continent.


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