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Vodka Enema


Hello there, I am from a alcoholic beverage company doing market research. It seems that our clients are rather bored of ingesting vodka via conventional means. It is my duty to find new and exciting ways therefore.

I want your toughts and experiences on vodka enemas.

Thank you.


I would think it burns


beer enemas dont feel good... my vodka goes in my mouth


use tampons, I love the feeling of a wodka-soaked tampon sitting in my rectum


Protip: It's easier to get alcohol poisoning with alcohol enemas, since it bypasses the liver.


It really only burns if you try to shit afterward. You don't have pain receptors past the opening of your ass.

If you try to shit it out prepare for a world of burning pain.


Don't do it.


Excuse me for correcting you sir....
But I think you'll find it bypasses the mouth.


I take a vodka enema every month, first I take a 2 quart water enema and expell, then I take a enema with 1 quart warm water, 8 oz vodka, 4 oz sugar and 2 tsp epsom salt, I take the enema very slowly and there is no burning or cramps, I start to feel the effects within 10 minutes and by 30 minutes I'm very drunk, I expell by 45 minutes and have no after effects.


<--- dubs!

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