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Bestiality on /h/?


Strange one this, I've seen a few bestiality-related images pop in the hentai section lately - aren't these (and requests in /r/ for these) totally against the board rules?


Implicitly, yes.  /h/ is supposed to be drawn/cg only.  The rules don't mention bestiality as such, but I always thought *real* bestiality fell under "illegal content."  Last I knew, it was illegal in most (if not all) of the U.S.


No, no - I mean anime bestiality. I've never seen any photographs on /h/ that aren't WTF, O RLY and FAIL emotes.


Oh.  Well, furries aren't allowed outside of /b/, so it stands to reason that bestiality isn't either.


Not true. Distributing beastility porn is "illegal", since it falls under federal obscenity laws, but rare it's enforced. Practicing beastility however is legal in most states and possesion of beastility porn is legal prettymuch everywhere.


Yes, but posting it on a website qualifies as "distribution."  So does allowing it to be posted.  Enforcement aside, it's still esentially illegal content.


Bestiality porn isn't illegal. Sexual acts with an animal falls under "sexually explicit conduct" as defined in title 18, section 2251, however, "sexually explicit conduct" doesn't entail legality. Also, bestiality isn't used in the definition "animal cruelty" in section 48, "Depiction of animal cruelty." And the law against it applies to "knowingly creating, selling, or possessing a depiction of animal cruelty with the intention of placing that depiction in interstate or foreign commerce for commercial gain" , and doesn't apply if it has "serious religious, political, scientific, educational, journalistic, historical, or artistic value." Or, one would assume, if you have no commercial gain on it at all. Unless someone can find where law says bestiality porn is illegal, it's going to be legal in my mind.
Transfer of obscene materials to minors is illegal, not having, or distributing in general of obscene materials. You must be 18 or older to view anything on this site anyways, so it's not being explicity distributed to minors, it's just a lot of minors lie about their age and end up seeing it anyways. 


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