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12chan are a bunch of hypocrites!


The other day I was browsing around their board for Female JB. Found a thread with pictures of JB in black latex. Someone asked for sauce, so I googled at the text in one of the corners. ("Jenny" and "xam".) Found a link and posted it, but the board wouldn't accept it. Must be some spamcountering, so I run the link trough tinyurl and posted that new link.

Then a couple of days later I see that I'm banned for linking to a site with child porn. But the images at that site are no more risque than the pictures already posted.

Anyone who's experienced similar hypocrisy from 12chan or other boards?


P.S. Here's the thread. Judge for yourselves:


GTFO pedo


Mods = fags, this rule transcends all boundaries.



I came.


The technical term for being attracted too teenagers is "hebephiliac". You can think what you want about hebephilia. But a board who allows uploading of teenpics, but not linking to sites with *less* risque teenpics are hypocrites.

Better not having JB boards in the first place.

BTW, anyone know how to dodge the ban? Proxies?


Hypocrites, I agree, but I'd just as soon k0w didn't allow anyone to tell all the IDIOTS on 12chan where to find slightly more risqué stuff.  The other place is already swamped with morons as it is.

Besides, the other place doesn't allow CM - even clothed CM, which seems to be the principal pursuit on 12chan.  Better for 12channers to just link to whole sets and everyone to keep their mouths shut about there being nudes included.


>>7 I see.

I can't access that thread now, but the offending links where left at least until 24h ago.

Well, the only good thing with this story is that my faith in AnonIB got stronger. (4chan and 7chan are still better for memes.)


You can't access it because 12chan is down (AGAIN! - k0w is such a fuckwit when it comes to admin duty).

I'll ignore your unfortunate mention of 7chan (7 is how many times it goes down in an hour).  Maybe it will improve now that that fucking moron Ian is gone, but even so 420 kicks its ass (even in its current state).  Kirtaner is a GOD.



Maybe 12chan is down because the FBI want a day off.


fuck you,go fuck yourself,fuck you motherfcker ,die fucking bitch, fuck you 12chan cant be down ,i need my girls and jailbait
go fuck yourslef fucking cunt
you and the fbi cant go and fuck yourself



Give me your zip code and I'll send the partyvan around to take you for the ride of your life!


12chan's not down because of FBI involvement, it's down because of ISP problems.


Woo hoo! Lights outside! Must be a party!!



same thing surely?!


Burn the HERETICS BURN THE.......... wha?  oh ................well fuck


well it's up, internet superheroes. where is your god now?


12 is up as of an hour ago


Fail for posting on 12chan.


Fail for posting on 4chan.


I just went to 12chan to see what everyone is so attracted to - sorry, but if you get your kicks from that you're a sick pedo and you should be shot.


1 pedo ring down, more to go...



I'm sure they'll line them up yankee boy!


Did you go to /girl/ or /jb/?  Frankly, I don't see how what's posted in /jb/ is any different than what's posted in JB threads on /b/.

/girl/, on the other hand, is populated with people like Libertine, who is a sick fuck.



I wouldn't even try to go to /girl/. I don't know what's there and I wouldn't want to know either. If it's likely to be full of pedo shit then I will avoid.


It's full of /pedo/ shit, to be more precise.  It's mostly CM and "candid" pics of girls 11-12 and under (mostly under).  Nudity is against the rules, but pretty much anything else goes.  One of the staples appears to be a "Girls in Diapers" thread.  There are lots of NN selections from the "Little Stars" sets (the full sets are very much CP), also.

Actually, now that I think about it, /pedo/ wasn't HALF as bad as /girl/.  Unfortunately, there are one or two models who are NOW JB, that the denizens of /jb/ sage the shit out of because the UESD to be pedobait.  Meanwhile, /girl/ often complains that they are now "fat" (i.e., they now have tits and hips) or are "grandmas," but usually lets the thread go on since it attracts older pics as well as new ones.  This is mostly the case with Sandra.  What this means is that to get even recent Sandra pics (she's 16 now, I think, and quite hittable, IMO) you often have to brave /girl/.

I'm a seasoned /b/tard: it's very hard to creep me out or turn my stomach, but /girl/ does the trick every time.



even CM is kiddy porn to me so I will keep away from that stuff.


pedooo gtfo




hey im new to this site so what the hell is 'CM' as i wanna sure the hell avoid it by the sounds of it.


CM = "Child Models" (i.e., kids doing posed modeling photos, mostly glamour shots).  It's usually applied anytime the model is under 18, but some prefer to call 13-18 (the JB age range) "teen models," to differentiate.  CM tries to stay legal by being predominantly non-nude (nip-slips are fairly common with preteens, from what I gather, but not with teens), but some of the poses and tight, skimpy, and/or see-through clothing make some of it very dubious.  Some of the studios whose work is the most traded (such as "A Little Agency") have, in fact, been shut down due to CP (though, in the case of ALA at least, it wasn't their published works that constituted the problem).

Actually, contrary to expectations, I would say that the teen model works are mostly safe; it's the younger CM that I would mostly worry about.  If anything, the shots get tamer (or at least more age-appropriate) as the girls get older, in MOST cases.


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! photos of natural naked bodys from humans who did those photos according to their own free will!!!!! HOW TERRIBLE!!!!


Because 8 year olds REALLY have the maturity to understand what their doing.  And the pedophile fathers who let them do it are so much better, too!


Yeah, because it's always the dad's fault.


I'd agree with you as far as ARTISTIC nudes are concerned, and so does the law: the works of Jock Sturges, David Hamilton, Sally Mann, Irina Ionesco, and others are all quite legal.

An child's free will developing, and their ability to judge is still being formed.  Young children in general, and even young teens when it comes to sexual matters (due to their newly acquired raging hormones) certainly cannot give informed consent.  That means their parents have to decide for them, and when their parents' motives or judgment is faulty (or downright corrupt) then the result has to be questioned.

Furthermore, with porn, we're not just talking about "natural, naked bodies;" we're talking about sexualization of children too young to understand it.  Children - especially prepubescent children - should not be used as sexual objects by adults; it's unfair to the child, because they are not equal partners in the relationship, due to their incomplete mental and emotional formation, and their dependent relationship with regard to adults in general.  They are being taken advantage of, dominated even, by someone who is supposed to protect them.  THAT is wrong, and hatefully wrong at that.


I agree.


Hey i'm looking for some girl cp, nothing under 12. send me some at and i'll send you some in return.


12chan IRC was a slum full of nothing but crime. There was CP on /girls/ one, so I reported it on IRC and they all start gawking at it. It wasn't nice CP either. Fuck them. I hope that k0w was killed by the Russians for competing with him.

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