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Child porn


Hey, i've got someone for all the pedo's around here, i know there are a lot. Someone just posted some CP on youtube; I'm sure it will get deleted soon, so download it while it's still up.




>>1 is under investigation now.


My anus is bleeding


nobody would dare post cp on youtube..thats almost asking for the fbi to track u down. im pretty sure its either rickroll or duckroll


Duckroll will always be > Rickroll. Oh and, it's very funny to post CP TO the fbi right out of their juristiction. Also, a good, high anonymity proxy server can also be funny, but make sure it's either a cluster (alters packages so they could have come from any computer comming or going to or from proxy), or that you can somehow modify all the packages in and outgoing...


Duckroll is gay, GTFO.


>>7  duckroll made jesus, gtfo


>>7 yo moma


yo daddy too


MECHANIC Chris Donald loves his work — he has sex with CARS.

And he admitted last night: “Some men like boobs and bums, but I much prefer curvy bodywork.”

Chris, 38, has a recognised psychological condition that makes him physically attracted to motors.

He has had sex with more than 30 different models in 20 years — plus two motorboats and a pal’s JETSKI.

Chris, who DOES have a girlfriend, confessed: “A nice car for me is a feast for the senses. It’s about smells, feelings and tastes. If I see a gorgeous Mercedes I know I’d love to jump into bed with it.”

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