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i fucked my neighbors dog!!


OMG!!! so there is this dog that my neighbors have... its a little bitch! lol literally. hahahaha. so anyway i keep looking at it out of my window and then i tug on my dick. its really small and cute. so one day my neighbors decide to leave for a vacation and ask me to look after Twinkles(there dog). they always see me playing with her, so they figured i would be good with her. after 5 min of them leaving, i take the fucking dog, go up to my small room and just bang the shit out of it. the dog just got wet when i fucked it... and it didn't even mind that i was raping it. i think twinkels like it, that dirty bitch lolololol. so ye... any of u guyz ever fucked a dog????


Yeah, your mother.


>>1 "then i tug on my dick. its really small and cute."

Are you talking about the dog or your dick. LULZ!


I think his

she fucked her own dog


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