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hi anon.
im 24 and had sex with a 15 year old girl
i look real young so i can seem like im in highschool
...and act like i have rich parents cuz i have a good engineering job

i seriously hang out in highschool like im still 17.  i had sex with the hottest jailbait, and im in love.

im also having sex with another jailbait from another highschool.  17 years old, she thinks we're the same age

im always afraid that people are going to figure me out.

afraid that cops or end up on "to catch a predator"

a lot of girls my age, or legal age have liked me for my ideals and beliefs.  and i screw them too.

but none of them have really caught my interest.  what makes jailbait so much more engaging?

the girls don't really get much smarter than older girls.  so what is it?  is it just victimizing?

is it just naivety?

or is it something deeper than that.

the girl i fucked today gave me her virginity.  her father is over protective, everyone hates him because he's over protective.

im the only one who respects him, because im the only one who sees the threat...

and now it's too late.

what does anon think?  p.s.

no im not posting pictures, i took the pictures but i don't want to go to jail because anon was being an ass...  again.






reported to the authorities




(Post truncated.) = fail.


I dared to live the dream.  (op)
That's what I'll say in jail/at court



I'm waiting in jail..  to rape you when you finally end up here.


what are you doing wasting your time on 4chan?
go fuck some more lolitas you fucking pedo

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