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AnonTalk BBS


Read the FAQ before posting. Any "chan"/retard speak/memes, nonsense, crappy spelling/grammar/punctuation, SCREAMING for no reason, unoriginal (unquoted) content, spam, vandalism, trolling, etc. will get you banned and shitlisted. Even if you just do it once. Regardless of your previous contributions. This is not a joke. You have been warned. Oh, and stay on topic! Never, ever ask an irrelevant question in the middle of a discussion (start a new topic about it). And no feeding the trolls or posting unhelpful replies.


AnonTalk? More like AnonFAIL


Can people who own hamsters buy more hamsters?


Can people who own hamsters buy more hamsters?


Why couldn't they? lol


█████████     ███████   ███     ███     ███       ███████████   ███████   ███████████
██████████   █████████  ███     ███     ███       ███████████  █████████  ███████████
███    ████ ████   ████  ███   ███      ███       ███         ████   ████ ███
███     ███ ███     ███   ███ ███       ███       ███         ███     ███ ███
██████████  ███████████    █████        ███       ███████     ███████████ ███████
██████████  ███████████     ███         ███       ███████     ███████████ ███████
███     ███ ███     ███     ███         ███       ███         ███     ███ ███
███    ████ ███     ███     ███         ███       ███         ███     ███ ███
██████████  ███     ███     ███         █████████ ███████████ ███     ███ ███
█████████   ███     ███     ███         █████████ ███████████ ███     ███ ███


I just figured that it was time to BAY LEAF this thread.


AnonTalk BBS... more like ANALRETENTIVETalkBBS amirite????




Attention: You've got a new private message!


Private message

Sent 17 hours (2009-03-24 16:22:38 UTC) ago:
Please read this entire message immediately. A reply that you posted 24 minutes ago (at the time of writing) in the topic If you had to go gay to save the world, who would you go gay with? has been (individually) deleted for some reason.


You can probably re-post it if you first fix the error(s). If you do (and hopefully, that is the case), don't forget to carefully go through it and re-add any emphasis!

Some of the most common reasons why a reply here gets deleted:

* The post was nonsensical and/or contained error(s).
* The post was off-topic, trolly or unhelpful.
* You were pretending to be the OP.
* The post, in one way or another, told OP to "Google it" or similar.
* The post was feeding a troll (now referring to a deleted or non-existent reply).
* The post was quoting an entire post.
* The post contained retard speak such as "lol" or "Lol".
* The post referenced "Anon", "Anonymous" or other "chan" crap. We are "AnTs".

Topic link:

Important: The letter has self-destructed! Do not close/reload this Web page if you need to copy text from it. Also, do not start a new topic about this private message or quote/mention/refer to it in any way in public.


looking for a masturbation partner. you can find me on yahoo. let me know.


you might as well play a penny whistle in front of Nelson's Column and expect it to dance the samba






God damn it, keep this bullshit to one thread


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