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Ancient Oklahoma Runes spell out "White


hese are near tulsa if you are familure with heavener rune stones these are less known but just as interesting... I think our ancestors were wanting to let us know they were here first... before the natives.

On the wall of the cave is a cross-hatched line, carved above the letters "PIA". Rather than reading this as initials or a common Spanish name, the controversial Barry Fell, a professor of invertebrate zoology and amateur epigrapher, claimed that, due to the shape of the "A", it is a Punic word written in the Northeastern Iberian script, which had fallen out of use by the 1st century AD, meaning "white". He also interpreted a nearby marking as a word written in the Ogham alphabet, used on the

British Isles between the 4th and 10th centuries AD, and reading "GUIN", meaning "white" in Celtic. He wrote:

    "The Ogham script is 'G-W-N,' meaning 'Gwen' or 'Gwynn,' masculine form of 'Fair,' one of the commonest Celtic names and equivalent to the English 'White.' The inscription below the Ogham, reading from left to right, are the North Iberian letters, 'Pa-ya-a,' spelling a Punic word that also means 'white'."[3]


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