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Fucking pointers, man.


The combination of C pointers (and ******), manual memory management with the stupid "who allocs, who frees?" bullshite, the backwards and confusing way arrays work, the subtle, evil difference between array x of * and pointer to pointer with the same shitty syntax to operate, typedefs, struct hacks, pointer type casts, pointer cast hacks, how part of the type information comes before the name and part comes after it, and other bullshit misfeatures make C one of the least appealing programming language to work with; no more than a portable macro assembler.

Then we add to it a completely useless, incomplete, inconsistent, insecure, ugly, rudimentary standard library that serves for little more than hello world and K&R examples, no binary-safe strings, no Unicode support, insanely shitty string management, no lists, no sets, no dictionaries, no syntax for neither string management, lists, sets or dictionaries, shitty macros with shitty features, shitty syntax and shitty unsafe behaviour, and the worst of all people of /prog, the lack of a fucking module system producing the ongoing malign megabytes-worthy include labyrinth-like hell yielding lame compilation times, added to the horrible compiler options for which you create eldritch makefiles, on top of which they usually have built a humongous, queer pile of madness in the form of one megabyte shell scripts; unimaginable abysses of insanity that check every time for features that were standard 36 years ago, generated with even more fabulous scripts of abhorrent grotesqueness and an obscure, sinister text-based macro language added to the party, based on definitions in yet another supplementary language probably assisted by dismal, unearthly utilities, all of this resulting in you contaminating your program with surreal, ghastly #ifdefs that make up the bulk of the lines of code.

All of this makes the C language the very worst programming language and environment I've ever had to risk my sanity on, and I lay here in my room, still terrified of the blasphemously abnormal evils imbued in this macabre ecosystem.

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