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If it had been made in C++ it would have lower system requirements.


Yeah, but there's a major roadblock to that plan: Notch.


Minecraft should have been made in C.


Meh...if it had been made in C++ it could have had greater system requirements.  From everything I can tell the codebase is a hacked up POS, so it could be even shittier in C++.


Another case solved by Captain Hindsight!


The constant crashes, pervasive memory leaks and 50MiB executable would have marred the experience somewhat.


Minecraft should of been made in LISP Processing Language.


minecraft should have been written in Ada


minecraft should have been written in HTML!




I actually find it interesting that it's been done mostly in Java. Perhaps it's even the hugest game to ever the written in Java.


If it had been made in C++ it wouldn't have half the features it does and Notch wouldn't be filthy rich.
But obviously the system requirements are more important.

From what I can tell with my limited understanding of his situation, and based on my personal experience, he is following a somewhat sloppy agile development process. He's the Team, Scrum Master, and Product Owner. The stakeholders are is vision of the product's future, and the 4 million+ people who play the game. He does seem to follow some amount of ATDD, but probably should be doing more TDD. In other words, his Story Definition of Done is not at the same level that many of his 4 million stakeholders would like. His development strategy has the advantage of being Just Enough, thus eliminating waste, but misses out on the XP principles of constant refactoring, CI, and unit testing. His Velocity in the last few months has seemed to diminish, but that's likely due to the extra overhead with establishing the foundation for future improved Velocity (i.e. hiring more team members). His Product Backlog priority also seems to be somewhat out of tune with his stakeholders wishes (although it's hard to pin down what 4 million people really want exactly). It may be that the highest priority User Stories couldn't be reasonably broken down to fit within the Sprints he had to work in, so it was judged that delivering something was higher priority than not delivering the highest priority.


Say what you want but marketing wise Minecraft was genius. How the heck did he get so many people to play it. Are there really that many people in some obscure gamer's forum and reddit? Seems almost like it's kind of a lie, a viral marketing kinda deal.


go look at his player base... It's full of 10 year olds.

What i don't get is that dwarf fortress can't generate this kind of popularity while being 100x complex with the only downfall of the graphics which can be fix'd via multiple user made viewers



Could someone rewrite it in ASM?




Notch is to dense to write stable C++ code let alone java code.

He would of only been entering survival mode if he started with c++.

Also another good reason for java is since he refuses to open source it for easy modding modders can then go and decompile and edit away and say fuck you while making the game better.





But it also wouldn't be multi-platform.


C++ is multi-platform unless Notch uses windows exclusive code.


And it'd probably come with no GNU/Linux and macfag version because half of the people who do C++ do it with Microsoft's shitty tools completely disregarding multiplatform support. Notch could have been intelligent enough to use portable libraries, but then he'd have taken longer to do everything, and he'd still be wasting his time fixing memory management bugs, unless he adds a garbage colecting memory manager.


I'd have written it in a Lisp or Python, that's for sure.

Eve Online is commercial, hueg, and mostly Python.


I play Minecrack. It's fucking addictive. I hate that fucking game and that idiot Notch for writing it; my life has been shit since I discovered it. I'm addicted. True story.

What i don't get is that dwarf fortress can't generate this kind of popularity while being 100x complex
while being 100x complex

There you have it. Moreover, the gameplay is different. Minecraft is permanent.



Only the Eve Online servers are written in Python.  The client code is not Python.

You're stuck in 2000.  The JVM was slow in 2000.  It's 2010, the JVM is fast, and the Java language is now slightly less terrible than C++.


but you didn't, so shut it


Post Minecraft source code, now.





public abstract interface ah
  public abstract gs a(cu paramcu, int paramInt1, int paramInt2);

  public abstract void a(cu paramcu, gs paramgs);

  public abstract void b(cu paramcu, gs paramgs);

  public abstract void a();

  public abstract void b();

If you can tell me what this does then you win FUCKING NOTHING


Notch actually writes modules named like that. Including but not limited to candidates like f, ah, a, and so on.

Security by Obscurity my ass


why would any programmer obfuscate his own private source


public class anus : ah
    public gs a(cu paramcu, int paramInt1, int paramInt2)
        return new gs();

    public void a()
        this.a(null, null);

    public void b()
        this.b(null, null);
    public void a(cu paramcu, gs paramgs)
        bool a = !false;

    public void b(cu paramcu, gs paramgs)
        bool b = !true;


/*    */   private void i(cu paramcu, int paramInt1, int paramInt2, int paramInt3)
/*    */   {
/* 69 */     Random localRandom = paramcu.m;
/* 70 */     double d1 = 0.0625D;
/* 71 */     for (int i = 0; i < 6; i++) {
/* 72 */       double d2 = paramInt1 + localRandom.nextFloat();
/* 73 */       double d3 = paramInt2 + localRandom.nextFloat();
/* 74 */       double d4 = paramInt3 + localRandom.nextFloat();
/* 75 */       if ((i == 0) && (!paramcu.g(paramInt1, paramInt2 + 1, paramInt3))) d3 = paramInt2 + 1 + d1;
/* 76 */       if ((i == 1) && (!paramcu.g(paramInt1, paramInt2 - 1, paramInt3))) d3 = paramInt2 + 0 - d1;
/* 77 */       if ((i == 2) && (!paramcu.g(paramInt1, paramInt2, paramInt3 + 1))) d4 = paramInt3 + 1 + d1;
/* 78 */       if ((i == 3) && (!paramcu.g(paramInt1, paramInt2, paramInt3 - 1))) d4 = paramInt3 + 0 - d1;
/* 79 */       if ((i == 4) && (!paramcu.g(paramInt1 + 1, paramInt2, paramInt3))) d2 = paramInt1 + 1 + d1;
/* 80 */       if ((i == 5) && (!paramcu.g(paramInt1 - 1, paramInt2, paramInt3))) d2 = paramInt1 + 0 - d1;
/* 81 */       if ((d2 < paramInt1) || (d2 > paramInt1 + 1) || (d3 < 0.0D) || (d3 > paramInt2 + 1) || (d4 < paramInt3) || (d4 > paramInt3 + 1))
/* 82 */         paramcu.a("reddust", d2, d3, d4, 0.0D, 0.0D, 0.0D);
/*    */     }


It's mindboggling, yeah.


you just described /prog/


Why don't you all just go play some Quake Live, an infinitely superior game?


That's a completely different game.


Yes, an infinitely superior one.


You mistyped Quake 3.


Apples are infinitely superior to oranges. For one thing, they are red.


They're also more expensive, thanks to Steve Jobs' cancer.


It's 2010, the JVM is fast, and the Java language is now slightly less terrible than C++.
Hahaha oh wow.


According to browser vulnerability studies, 89% of people have Java installed. How the fuck is that even possible? Flash I understand, but Java? What the fuck are these poor people need to run that forces them to install that POS?

On sightly more encouraging news, Azureus'/Vuze market share continues to plummet under the pressure of clients written in proper languages. Good idea to put your product under a permanent competitive disadvantage by using these shitty ENTERPRISE frameworks. They're called ``ENTERPRISE'' because the only way people will put up with that shit is being forced to use it in some environment where they've no alternative.



mostly Python

Seriously? That's astonishing! Wouldn't that be a pain in the ass to write a lot of source in Python?


OpenJDK is still slow, and I refuse to use an Oracle-generated binary blob on my Debian box.


So I hear it's fairly easy to decompile Java byte code. Can somebody link me a source and it's decompiled version? Just curios how they compare, please?

Search engines returned nothing of the genre.



Never mind. Sorted it. Easier than I expected actually.


I downloaded Vuze once to see how it was even though I'm perfectly fine with utorrent. It was lol, just lol.


You just wait, that self-diagnosed Asperger and his company are hard at work ensuring you won't be ``perfectly fine'' with it rather soon.



Faster is not necessarily better.
Java uses CacheIntegers as Integers to fast things up and that leads into deep shit.


Also, email this fucking thread to that asshole Minecraft developer.


How so? It's been good for years now.






It's called UrT.


Since they bought it, it has doubled in size (173 to 320 KB, and that's using a packer) while adding zero worthwhile features and many inane bugs which the original developer (the only one who had any talent in the whole endeavor) would never have made (stuff like "if you download more than 2GB between tracker updates the amount reported becomes negative").

Changes so far:

* Teredo (useless shit, causes problems, abandoned and disabled in current builds — the stupid idea of adding this has Bram Cohen smell all over it)

* uTP (sort of interesting, but I don't think it's a good idea in the whole — solving the wrong problem at the wrong place)

* Bundling advertising shit enabled by default at first run

* Playing with advanced stuff (OS file caching flags and the such) that generated a lot of problems and complaints

* Adding menial features and tons of bugs, needing to release dozens of bugfix versions after every release

However the real fun starts now, with the shitty integrated browser stuff (hi Vuze!) they've added to 2.2 (for another 20% size increase), and the insane future plans:

This is yet another textbook example of why commercial ``commodity'' software sucks. I hope they go bankrupt; I do not approve of the "buy make some awesome piece of software and monetize ruin it" business model. This has happened many times already in the past. It never ends well.


You're just mad because you don't have asperger's like all the cool kids.


Yeah, it would require a 10% slower CPU minimally. BIG improvement.
Java is not slow, minecraft would be even playable if it was made in python, since what is most expensive - graphics is handled by OpenGL, op is a fag.


OpenGL doesn't ``handle'' graphics, it just draws them. Telling it what to draw can take a lot of function calls, especially if you do it stupidly like a Java programmer invariably would, and an wrapper to the native interface can add a significant overhead.
That's beside the fact that Minecraft wastes plenty of memory and CPU on things besides graphics, all equally incompetently written.
I've never played or even looked at this so-called ``Minecraft.''


Java is not slow
Why does Java install an "fast startup add-on" then? CPU instruction efficiency is only a small part of the history, and the least of Java's problems.

Don't feel bad though, all frameworks suck, no exceptions. Even .NET on Windows sucks.


Far lower a pain that it'd be to write seven times more code in Java, C or C++.

Especially .NET on Windows sucks.



I disagree with your posts.


If you're feet are wet and you can see Cheop's Pyramid chances are you are in DeNile.


Because Java has a massive standard library and incredibly powerful virtual machine, which means there's a lot to load into memory.  The advantage of "native" apps isn't that they're more lightweight, just that the things they depend on are already in memory because everything else also uses them.  If every process on a machine used the JVM this would be a non-issue (see Solaris).


My car

If it had been made out of aluminum, it would be able to drive over more bridges without exceeding the weight limit

My anus

If it had been made bigger, it wouldn't hurt so much when I bottom


OK, what's the advantage of being non-native then? Even if it only costs you 10% performance (and that's very optimistic!), why would you do that? What is a ``incredibly powerful virtual machine'' anyway?


It's a virtual machine that's incredibly powerful.


It's like a powerful virtual machine, only with more blimps and orangutans.


Write once, run everywhere. This is the idea.


Java apologists? On my /prog/?


More like trolls, metatrolls and the tolled.




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<-- check em dubz


The momentum of set theory was such that debate on the paradoxes did not lead to its abandonment. The work of Zermelo in 1908 and Abraham Fraenkel in 1922 resulted in the set of axioms ZFC, which became the most commonly used set of axioms for set theory. The work of analysts such as Henri Lebesgue demonstrated the great mathematical utility of set theory, which has since become woven into the fabric of modern mathematics. Set theory is commonly used as a foundational system, although in some areas category theory is thought to be a preferred foundation.

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