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poz top looking for neg bottom


I had secretly fantasized about getting charged up. I'm a bareback bottom , love to get ****ed, and having a guy breed my hole. The idea of having a hot guy **** me and blow his dirty seed in all in my ass had inspired many spank marathons. I'm sure that I have taken a poz load before not knowing the status of whoever was ****ing me or really even caring for that matter. I had never knowingly let a guy that was poz **** me. One night I was cruising all the slut sites looking for other bareback guys to play with when this really hot guy messaged me. He said that he had read in my profile that I liked to go bare and that I was a btm. He told me that he was looking 4 a hole to use 4 the evening. That got my attention I had never been submissive and must admit it had been another fantasy of mine to completely give up control. He asked me if I was into pnp and I told him that I do party sometimes. We chatted 4 a little while with the standard Q&A, u know how big, what position, where to cum. Then I asked poz/neg? He responded with poz. I told him that I was neg. To which he responded "u want to get a charged load n u tonight?" I was shocked and very turned on, I asked him if he ****ed neg guys bareback. He told me he did all the time and that he even hosted several conversion party's. I wasn't familiar with the term, he explained that a conversion party's was were a group of poz tops get together and breed a neg guy. The soul reason 4 this was to spread dirty seed, and infect the neg btm. Before I could answer he asked me if I liked to pnp. I told him that I did, but I didn't have any party supplies. He said that if I wanted I could come over to his place and get ass ****ed and get high. He asked me if I had ever slammed, I told him that I had been slammed before but I was terrified of needles. "I'm very good at slamming others" he returned. Should I go? The thought of getting slammed and pounded was so tempting but was I ready to take that step towards becoming poz? "I might ass well" I responded. He gave me directions and I was on my way. When I got to his house we sat and talked 4 a while. He told me that he was going to enjoy planting his dirty seed in me, then asked me if I liked groups. I told him yes and he said good that he would get us slammed then have a few of his top buddies stop by and load my ass. He told me that I was going be a cum dump 4 him and his friends. I asked him if the guys were poz or neg he told me that they were poz. This made my dick begin to grow. He got the slamm ready and did me first. When he released the belt on my arm I could feel the rush hit me instantly. Then came the cough. I could feel that it was a very strong slamm. He did himself and sat down on the bed next to me. I started sucking his dick while I was taking off my clothes. He stood up bent me over the side of the bed, lubed my hole up with some elbow grease that was laying on the bed, and shoved his dick all the way in. Normally this would have brought tears to my eyes and a fist to his face, but it didn't even really hurt, I guess I was so high that I couldn't feel it. It wasn't long before he started to pound really hard and said he was about to cum. He stopped and pulled out and made me tell him that I wanted hid seed. Which I told him. He managed to get his dick back inside me, and with a few hard thrust he unloaded in my hole. He walked out of the room and told me to stay put. When he returned he had a collar and some restraints, which he fastened on my wrist, ankles, and neck. Then I followed him into another room, it was a play room, with a sling, TV playing porn, **** bench, some toys and lube and a computer set up with a web cam. He helped me into the sling and hooked the restraints to the chain supports. Then started to cruise the sex sites 4 tops to come and try out my hole. In no time 15 or 20 mins. there was 3 guys in line to blow their load in tight hole, and 5 more on the way. I realized that I had just came to this guys house let him drop a charged load n me and now was going to be a cum dump 4 who ever he wants and I hadn't even gotten his name. He walked over to the sling and let me know that the web cam was on and I was going to be used all weekend. There must have been 10 or more guys that had charged my ass with dirty seed before the slamm started to fade away. He could tell that I was beginning to come down and he mixed up a booty bump and told me to get on the floor face down with my ass in the air, as he unlocked the restraints. Once I was on the floor he inserted the booty bump and told me to squeeze my ass tight so that the booty bump and all the spunk wouldn't drip out. As I started to feel my stomach cramp up from the booty bump he dressed me and told me that we were going to the baths and that I was going to take all loads. He rented one of the sling rooms and told me to get into the sling as he mixed up another booty bump. I secured the restraints myself , all but one arm. He came over secured the last arm and started to insert another booty bump. I told him that I was ok 4 now. To this he responded by placing a ball gag n my mouth and continued with my booty bump. It had only been about 20 mins since the last one. Now I was so high that I couldn't focus my see straight. He began to **** me again, telling my how sloppy my hole was and that when he had ****ed me the first time that he had ripped me. He said that he knew because when he pulled out there was blood all over his dick. He said that was a good thing, it would make it easier to ensure that my neg status was gone for good. Then he told me that he had used the point 4 my slam and that when he slammed me there was still a good bit of his poison blood in it, and now it was running thru my veins. He must have been ****ing me 4 at least an hour, not that I was complaining. My ass was so hungry from the booty bumps that the only thing I could think about was getting more dick. He shot another death load in me then opened the door and walked away. It was a few mins before the first guy walked in and began to get his dick hard so that he could **** me. He was a much older man probably 55 or 60 but he had a huge cock. He came after about 5 mins of ****ing wiped his dick off and left. I didn't realize that there was a group of 4 guys waiting, they took turns one after the other all loading my eager ass. A while later my friend returned, closed the door and mixed up a huge booty bump. He squeezed it into my hole and for good measure he pushed a large rock of meth up my ass with his finger. He massaged it until it was completely dissolved. Then he removed the ball gag and asked me how I was doing. I was so high I couldn't hardly answer but I managed to say that I was feeling a little dizzy and hot. He gave me a bottle of water and told me to drink it all as he unlocked the restraints. I drank the water and instantly began to feel better. He said that he had to leave to do something but that he would be back. Then he told me that he had left a message on the all the dry erase boards saying there was a "eager ass in the sling room taking all loads POZ IS A PLUS" as he left. I knew that I should probably get up and leave but the meth was starting to take effect. So I waited. It wasn't long before a line began to form, I eagerly took every load that was offered. I'm not sure how long I was there in the sling room or how many guys filled my hole with their juice. When I finally started to come down from the meth climbed out of the sling, put on my clothes, and left the bath house. I felt so trashy when I walked into the day light, like everyone knew what I had just done. Not to mention that there was a wet place on the ass of my jeans where some of the spunk had slipped out of my now opened hole. It has been a few months since that happened so I'm not sure what my status is but I did feel like I had the flu about 2 or 3 weeks after it happened.


mfw you're still neg
sucks to be you


We get that you just discovered what bugchasing is, but you can stop blogging about it. We mad, WHBT, whatever. Now go play in the sand.



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