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MMA sucks


They call UFC, WEC, and all that other crap "mixed martial arts" but the only style you see are a bunch of guys on the floor hugging each other. If I wanted to watch that I would've stayed in Turkey. Boxing takes way more skill and is way more physically demanding than MMA hands down. I liked the early UFC but it sucks ass now.


You subscribe to the "striker" philosophy, which is overridden by the "sweaty man hug" philosophy.


Mike Tyson in his prime could wipe the floor with anybody in the UFC. As could any of the current boxing champions.


Not if they had their crotch hugged, according to MMA


UFC and MMA in general is just a bunch of half-assed mixed skilled football players who think that they are fighting in a street fight and that now that they know a little bit of this and a little bit of that they can call them selves “mixed martial artists” which is bullshit. No MMA fighter is a true martial artist.


You are all fucking retarded.  You could take any of the UFC's current champs and put him against his equivalent from the boxing world and the MMAer would absolutely fuck him up.  Boxing is a bunch of fuckheads going punch for punch like two retards and the first one to suffer the most brain trauma loses.

MMA fighters are the most highly skilled fighters in the world.  Can you imagine everywhere you go knowing that you can take every person you see.  Must be nice. 

Funny, I bet if an MMA'er "floor-hugged" you he would be able to break both your arms and ankles in under a minute.


people are just upset that fights in martial arts movies look so cool but real life fights look like 2 aggressive gays groping each other


It's funny. In MMA people get knocked out in one punch in so many fights, that or they hug on the ground for 5 minutes. One could say "It's because the gloves they were are much thinner than in boxing". How come none of the fighters ever get bloody noses, black eyes, or bruises on their faces? They're obviously wimps.


Its too violent for me.


MMA is so boring, even if they can win street fights. Boxing is a gentlemans way of whooping ass. Not one of them would dare put the gloves on and attempt to whoop tyson in his prime. UFC is human cockfighting, boxing is at least respectable. FUCK MMA


boxing isn#t really respectable, 2 lumps of nigra flesh pummleing each other in the face for a shrieking crowd is pretty much cockfighting.




You rednecks can pretend your sport UFC are the "best fighters in the world". Because the best fighters, we know it sucks.


I don't care... I'm NEVER going to care about mixed martial arts or that Ultimate Fighting crap. Stop trying to sell me on the fact that it's martial arts. It's not. Bruce Lee is martial arts. This is legal street fighting being mass marketed to the XBOX generation who needs to see a lot of blood spitting out of people's mouths and noses. It features "tough guys" who would get their asses kicked by a REAL fighter.

I don't even know the rules. I don't want to know the rules. Any sport where the object is to squeeze the other guy's balls is not a sport. I'm not sure you're really allowed to grab a guy's nut sack in MMA but as soon as fans say they want to see it, they'll have it.

The fact that boxing is being forced to compete with this bullshit bothers me. Boxing is truly the "sweet science". It requires discipline, focus, intense training and a sophisticated understanding of technique. Well, mostly. I mean you do have guys like Wladimir Klitchko whose only technique is to get in a ring and throw punches until someone rings a bell. Or Tyson whose technique involved biting a guy's ear off.

Still, at its best, there is nothing more exciting than watching two really talented fighters square off. If I want to see UFC type crap I can just walk into a biker bar at closing time. I mean it's pretty much dog fighting for human beings.

I implore all of my readers to rediscover boxing. It has history, it has ring girls and it has class. I never thought I could say that but, compared to that schoolyard bunk they're selling, boxing IS classy.


MMA sucks ass. It requires no skill. You redneck hillbillies can pretend your sport has the best fighters but kung fu and judo masters can wipe the floor with them. And MMA isn't that mixed anyway. You see one style, grabbing.


Sounds like a tae kwon do user got the shit kicked out of them while sparring. GG lol




I think its pretty clear that some people who thought their TKD classes were of use in real life.  Sorry to break your hearts, but they arent.  Fact is that if it didnt work, nobody would do it.  If grappling wasn't highly effective the gracies wouldn't have dominated many of their early UFC matches.  They had kung fu and judo masters back then, and what was happening?  Oh yeah, they were tapping the floor, getting choked out etc.

Judo masters?  Like Karo Paresian(sp?)?  He is a black belt in judo, and he isnt even close to a top 10 fighter.  Get real.

To number 14, they used to have NO RULES, with guys like Tank Abbot who were real street fighters, and where do you see tank now?  Getting his head stomped in smaller orginizations.  I bet you think Kimbo Slice is a real fighter and he is going to do something.  Get real.

You make such a huge post bashing MMA, yet you dont even know the rules and seem to be completely ignorant of the facts.  MMA is more real than boxing, more safe that boxing, and generally takes more skill than boxing.  How is boxing more exciting than MMA?  What happened to the last boxing superfight?  Oh yea, mediocre at best.

Dont get me wrong, I love boxing, but I simply see MMA as such a better sport.  Here, listen to this.

Just looking at who is debating on either side and I think it gives a face to this entire thing.  Boxing is old, dying, the fighters have grown too fat(monetarily), while the UFC is young, fit, and doing good.

And on a final note, to say boxing has to compete with MMA is a pretty funny statement, as boxing is clearly no competition.  MMA draws bigger crowds and boxing is dying.  Sad but true.


ps. your boxers came to mma and got their asses kicked.


yep boxing requires so much skill...
last i checked having longer arms than your opponent doesnt mean you have skill...
all boxers have to do is punch.
mma fighters have to be able to punch, kick, knee, elbow, takedown, wrestle, and use jiu-jitsu...
boxing is a nigger sport for monkey arms...


MMA is a white trash sport with no sportsmanship or skill needed.


and boxing is for niggers in jail.


lol faggots. OP is a troll.
1. he likes boxing (because it requires more skill)
2. like the early ufc (hardly any skill whatsoever)
3. bunch of guys rolling on the ground (cough, royce, ken, taktarov, coleman, severn, etc. cough EARLY UFC)


stupid faggot Royce Gracie is a legend in MMA a master of a variety of arm bars and cross arm breakers





MMA is not real fighting.


You big nose fucking fag THE MMA is the greatest sports of all time, so fuck all you nigger loving homos.


MMA isn't martial arts at all. As soon as the match starts, the two fighters circle each other, and then just wrestle around on the floor.



    ____                         _     _                          
    /   )                        /|   /    ,                      
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                                           (_ /  (_ /


Because martial arts should be all about pretty flying kicks and katas, right?


MMA may be fighting but it's not an art.


the best way to win a fight is to keep the other guy on the ground


Jiu-Jitsu is neither real nor practical. So you all of you MMA fags please do not try that shit on the street. you could get elbowed to the back of the head, your ear rip apart, your eyes pocked, your knee hyper extended by a kick, your throat ripped apart, your balls bitten off, or kicked on the head by a second dude,,, Again, do not try it on the street.

You are better off having some good striking skills from muay Thai/ tae-kwon-do, Karate, western boxing, Scrima (Filipino), maybe some modified Aikido, and some wrestling-Judo to get them down and get out. (shit it sounds like Russian Sambo).

If you fuckers would try to do an arm bar on me, I would push my thumb into your eyes and rip your fucking balls off. Learn and respect the origins and practicality of each style.

By the way, none of the Gracie’s have been able to defeat any professional grade boxer/kick boxer. Just watch the fight between Wanderlei Silva and Gracie on google video. Silva is a not a professional grade boxer and he fucked Gracie up in 5 seconds. Also look at the UFC so-called-World champs. Why is it that every other month, there is a new champion?  Who, besides, Anderson Silva has defended the title on more that 3 occasions? I believe that he has professional grade Muay-Thai skills.

By the way you could teach any idiot to do jiujitsu, but it takes learning at a early age, how to strike in order to do it fast and accurate. Think about this, why was a street fighter like Kimbo Slice able to get trained in MMA and knock the Fuck off someone like tank abbot. Are you going to tell me that tank is a chump? Nope, he is pretty good and very powerful, but not professional grade boxer.

Anyway, I would like to start fighting for cash, how do I get involved, where do I signup. I am willing to get on some backyard brawling for cash.


say that to my face fucker not online and see what happens


yeah, because he knows where you live internet troll...


Say that to my face fucker not online


An MMA fighter could take out a boxer in no time at all.  As soon as the boxer starts covering his face like a little girl his legs will be out from under him in a second and then I'd like to see him fight with broken arms.  Tht "great" Mike tyson broke his wrist punching outside of the ring without his pillowcase gloves.  And emiliano, please think before you open your mouth because if you ever get into a fight with a semi-competent jiu-jitsu fighter he'll break anything he wants on you before you are even able to cry for mercy.  Jiu-Jitsu was a method of killing and destroying your opponents on the field of battle and was so brutal that judo was invented to have a less deadly and bloodthirsty sport.  Boxing is two dude making kelbasas out of each other's faces and is about as useful for protection like a junior sheriff badge.  MMA is two primed athletes using every muscle in order to exploit other's weakness and determine who is the deadliest man alive.


Kimbo Slice is a chump and Dana White knows it.  He's only around to make black people happy.  14 second knockout baby.


Jesus Christ faggots, the only reason you even consider two men wrestling as obviously gay is because you're all fucking homophobe tools who let pop culture satirists convince you any man touching another is gay. Soon shaking hands will be considered gay.

Centuries of grappling have gone by, no one until the 1990's thought it was gay.

I have a question I hope the 4chan generation can answer: Once you've shit on everything, how do you enjoy anything? Or is shitting on everything so natural to you 14 year olds that you can't actually enjoy anything except masturbating, weed and southpark?




the problem w/mma is the punkass rules i.e. no attackes to the back of the head,groin,eyes,knees,and premanently injurious areas.MM gay


The MMA hate here is ridiculous. Are some of you angry at most of the fighters move set? I'm sorry but we had like UFC 1-29 to show us what is effective and what isn't. BJJ, Muay Thai, wrestling, and boxing have proven most effective but any martial art is welcome and several notable fighters even have background in karate. Are you mad that the fighters don't look like long hair bishonen anime fags? Do they in any sport?


I'd like to see any of you get in the ring with me and call me gay when I'm rear naked choking you or heel hooking you. "Dude man why you grabbing me, you're a fa-----aaaaaaaggghhhhh".


TC here and maker of several subsequent posts, honest. I recant EVERYTHING I said in this topic. I really do respect MMA and watch every UFC or other promotion's pay-per-views or events I can. I was just trolling, sorry. Also I'm glad to say I'm not Turkish.

UFC 101 predictions, I might be wrong but it's still fun to predict.

B.J. Penn will successfully retain the Lightweight Championship against Kenny Florian and win by submission.

Anderson Silva will TKO Forrest Griffin in round 2.

Amir Sadollah will make Johny Hendricks tap out.

I'm undecided on Kendall Grove vs. Ricardo Almeida and I think it'll probably go to a decision.

Kurt Pellegrino and Josh Neer are evenly matched to but I have a feeling Kurt will make Josh tap out.


Trolling or not.. They are skilled fighters and can dry hump anyone here to death.


First off, I respect MMA fighters and Boxers,  MMA fighters and Boxers both train very hard, and get the shit beat out of them on a regular basis, unless your really good. You can also find all the information I am saying from wikipedia

MMA and Boxing As a Sport: 

I can not admit that MMA is a sport, it is, and you cant deny it, remarkably similar to a street fight. Rules in MMA basically only keep you from maiming or just short of killing your opponent. Other than the no super cheap shots rules its basically anything goes.  Any sport that allows one to sit on his opponent and beat their face in lacks sportsmanship and is there for not a sport IMO. (Remember before you get to mad this is all an Opinion which I am entitled to.)
Boxing has many many rules, and is extremely technical.  When someone goes down in Boxing you cant sit on their chest and beat their face in... You can only use your fists, and you see a lot of wins that aren't based on brute force, but skill and strategy. Points vs KO. Its a pretty clean sport (No cheap shots), aside from some infamous fouls and cheating, Tyson and his biting, stuff under hand wraps.
The weight classes in IBF vary from low to high, at lower classes 3 lbs difference puts you in a different weight class, then closer to 5 lbs difference until you hit the top 3 weight classes.  The fighters are always matched by weight to keep the match fair.  UFC weight classes are +- 10 lbs at lower weights then move up to 60 lbs difference between the light heavy and heavy weight classes... meaning if your in light heavyweight then someone could fight you that has 50 lbs on you... how is that fair?

Skills Involved:

While a lot of the rednecks who use racist comments, like the ones above, would have you believe that UFC requires more Skill and that UFC fighters are the most skilled fighters in the world. I am calling BS on that.  MMA is by no means anything similar to ART... they should really get a more fitting name...  The most skilled fighters in the world generally specialize in certain styles, they probably arent affiliated with associations that give out belts... let me tell you this your belt means nothing! Ive seen an obese woman who could not lift her leg more than a foot of the ground with a black belt...  While hitting anything moving requires some level of skill, a knee to the head is a simple enough task and an almost guaranteed knock out.  While some MMA fighters may posses skills far above average, most of them are just I'll tempered "tough guys" that try to knock their opponent out with little controlled flurries of punches and kicks, or try to wrestle their opponents to the ground so they can sit on them and beat their heads in.
In Boxing you can only use your fists... you can only hit above the belt, and cannot use your open hand (aside from blocking)  The opponent often gaurds their head and upper body quite effectively making it harder to actually land damaging punches. Thus it requires a lot more precision and technique to knock someone out boxing than in MMA.  Think about it what would knock you out more easily, a punch in the face, or a knee to your head.

In terms of Power MMA gloves and Boxing gloves have a hair splitting difference in the amount of force generated by punches. (source:

How Real is it?:

MMA is closer to a real fight as there are very few restrictions as far as fighting sports come.  However, its not so real that you can assume the champion is the best fighter in the world, I am sure there are many good martial artists and fighters that would be unwilling to compete in MMA that would wipe the floor with several champions.  A sure sign of this is how quickly champions change in MMA, Boxers have been known to defend their title many many times, proving that they are the best of their sport.  A lucky shot or knee in the head can cause a change of champions. Boxing is not close to real life, nor is it supposed to be.  That's why I think its funny when washed up tv personalities, cough *Joe Rogan* rant that MMA is a "real" fight.  In a real fight your precious UFC champions would not do so well.  Remember in the real world we have things called weapons... not to mention eye gouging, nut shots, and biting/scratching. I see plenty of opportunities when watching UFC for someone to end someones career or life, the difference between UFC and real life is that in real life they would die or be crippled...

MMA vs Boxing:

First off it is completely ridiculous that people would even think of saying "An MMA user would beat a boxer in a fight."  BOXING IS A SPORT!!! its not made for self defense or to use in real life its a fighting style for the ring...  Now to crossing fields.  A boxer in MMA has a high chance of losing, if you assume they will stick to boxing style,  however, those punches are nothing to mess around with, especially since your dropping from 10oz gloves to 4 oz gloves.  An MMA fighter in boxing would most likely lose... Their gloves are heavier and they cant use majority of their arsenal... what are you going to do if you cant wrestle me to the ground? get beat in the face by the sweet science.

IMO Boxing > MMA for all of time... if you like to see fellow humans beaten to pulps and bleeding all over the place there is something wrong with you... and you might want to see a psychiatrist that specializes in sadism...


wow text /sp/ is just as bad as picture /sp/


what EVERYONE needs to remember here, (and I know the 'MMA fighters are the baddest asses in the world' UFC fans don't want to hear this) is that BOTH boxing and MMA are SPORTS. NOT actual close quarters combat techniques. Sure, they both use techniques used in real street fighting self defense...but just because you are a great mixed martial artist OR boxer does not mean you are going to do dick-shit in a fight against someone who TRAINS for REAL fighting. Half of those fancy chokes you see so often used in MMA would easiy be defended against  in a fight where anything goes. And i'll admit, some of the joint locks/arm bars would be great but in order to APPLY most of them you have to put yourself in a position where you could get SERIOUSLY hurt in a no-rules environment i.e; losing a testicle, suffering a pierced eyeball ect...

They are both SPORTS. And for the blood thirsty, give it up...because NEITHER of them are any 'closer' to real life fighting. In fact, thinking this way as an MMA artist is a sure way to get yourself in big trouble in a street fight just like a boxer thinking he has it covered would be a mistake as well.

People need to step back and acknowledge them as two different sports with two different sets of rules...neither being better or 'closer to the real thing' than the other.

Saying that MMA is more like real fighting compared to boxing is like saying that playing with toy guns is closer to being in real combat than playing video games. It doesn't really make any difference because they are both pretty different than the real thing.


I think boxing and MMA are both great sports. I just think it's sad that the X box generation finds the need to constantly reassure themselves that MMA is the baddest ass thing in the world.  Goes right along with society today, people walking around full of themselves trying to believe that they are a notch above the rest. Kids are signing up for MMA gyms and wearing tapout clothes because they think it'll make them the chuck norris of real life. I guess what I miss about the old boxing days is the soft spoken nature of many kids training to be boxers. They did it for the sport. Seems like now you get a lot of people getting into MMA because they want to be the toughest guy walking the street, NOT because they want to be the toughest guy in the ring.


When someone goes down in Boxing you cant sit on their chest and beat their face in...


@your mother... What you mentioned is an ongoing argument within the MMA community. The attitudes you see displayed by many UFC fighters are encouraged and in some cases manufactured, just so that the UFC fighters will appeal to the WWE's huge audience. UFC fighters make a good portion f their income based upon the audience they draw to PPV events, so it is in their best interests to create drama and publicity. Why do you think that Kimbo Slice is being so heavily promoted? He's popular and he is friends with Dana White, who decides who fights who in the UFC. The majority of what you see in the UFC (right now) and on the Ultimate Fighter show are brawlers, not martial artists, and the matches are set up by a matchmaker so that the viewing audience will see what they want to see. There is no orderly progression from amateur to contender, there are no tournaments that establish a pecking order, and there is currently no reward for a fighter to stick with traditional martial arts. For the doubters, this highlight clip shows what a true mixed martial artist is capable of - fighting at all ranged with highly developed skill and well practiced technique.... . If the UFC were to setup a tournament system then fighters like this will dominate the ranks and all of the unskilled brawlers will be gradually eliminated leaving a core group of martial artists who would likely be professional and drama free, and this would only appeal to an audience made up of martial artists. The UFC would fade away. The UFC is better off financially by remaining a market-driven industry riding on the coat-tails of the WWE.



Please explain to us how you would defend against those chokes in "anything goes".


I am not intimidated by these punk kids wearing Tapout shirts.


I don't like how some people who practice MMA claim that it can be used for any fight. It cannot be used in a street fight; remember it is still a sport. Outside the cage, in a street fight, anything goes. An MMA practitioner VS a soldier with military martial arts (Krav Maga, MCMAP, etc.) would have their asses handed over to them.



You have yet to provide any example of an unarmed technique that would be useful in a "street fight" but not in an MMA fight.


I've seen street fights on Youtube and those retards suck at fighting.


This is a pretty stupid thread...

Everyone knocks the MMA fighters for not being "martial artists"...

About 99% of the time the fighters are introduced as a Black Belt in their respective martial art. Anyone who watches enough UFC/WEC will see the techniques in action from any martial art.

Take Jose Aldo's 8 second knockout over Cub Swanson a while back, pure Muy Thai double knee to the head. Or tonight watching him again using Jui Jitsu to lock down Mike Brown and beat him into a TKO.

Judo and Jui Jitsu may be wrestling but they both incorporate more than just submissions. Any black belt in Judo can both submit an opponent or throw him and either have him land safely or pull his support and plow his head straight into the ground.

If you think it's just rolling around hugging eachother you've obviously missed the entire technical side of the sport. You can roll around and hug a guy all you want but it takes training and a technique to roll him, get past his guard, flip him and then get him to submit...

I'd put an MMA fighter against a wrestler any day.

And to top it off, one of the most important aspects of MMA is the mutual respect most of the athletes have for eachother. If they've got any martial arts training the first thing they learned was self control, respect, and sportsmanship.


Also, for everyone who's like, "I wanna see capeoira" " i wanna see karate"... You're missing the fact that these styles are completely ineffective in the cage.

The fighters learn BJJ, Judo, Muy Thai, and Kick Boxing because they're the most effective ways to submit or knockout an opponent.

Muy Thai knee attacks deliver the most power of any type of hit in any martial art. So why not use them? If you don't, whatever it is you learned is going to leave you open to getting your ass pummeled in the cage.

And if you can't wrestle, the moment you come upon a wrestler you'll get pinned so hard you black out.

I've seen it happen in the cage so many times... BJJ artists come in thinking they're golden with their black belt only to find their opponent is trained in BJJ and kick boxing so he can escape their attacks and then fight on his feet where the black belt isn't effective. It's how the world champ BJJ guy got beat on WEC... Sad to watch, but after the fight the winner literally got on his knees in front of him respecting his status as the best wrestler in his form.

It's the respect of most of the fighters that draws me in.


Groundfighting isn't that easy, one arm out of place and you're done... &&& you dont really stay there doing nothing and by the end of it you're really burning... On skill; every sport needs skill, but it really depends on the athletes... but all in all, they're just sports, rules and stuff, open hand fighting is kinda redundant with guns abo


MMA is just that. MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. Sure the most popular of them are wrestling, BJJ, and Muay Thai but every individual fighter studies various disciplines and styles to add to his arsenal.



Anyone who talks crap about groundfighting should get the balls to go to an MMA studio, try to get a free one-day or one-week trial and do some serious rolling with a black belt or even a lesser belt. They won't be running their mouths then.


0 tracas, 0 blabla, MMA !


Those who think Boxers won't kick your ass in a real street fight should re-think what they're saying.  A real boxer will dodge ANY MMA'er's (Ie. Muay Thai trained) sloppy punch. 

And Boxing DOES have leg techniques.  It just evolved with a different mindset.  Muay Thai for example has kicks.  Boxing sacrifices these kicks for INCREASED MANUEVERABILITY.  FOOTWORK. 

Most people don't realize how even an amateur boxer who trains everyday in the gym will run circles and destroy any MMA'er who trains twice or thrice a week with distilled skills. 

All a boxer has to learn is to defend against leg kicks to the thighs, body, head, and the sprawl.  That's it.  It's easier to teach that than to teach a Muay Thai'er or MMA'er how to punch properly and with any semblance of power without telegraphing their intended move so vividly.

My point is, don't piss off a real boxer if you think you're an MMA fighter.  You'll be in for a rude awakening.


MMA is just brute force "AIM FOR THE TEMPLE!"  It's not martial arts, it's just "Ok, here's how you kick the wrong way, here's how you punch the wrong way, oh and don't go against real Judo fighters because they'll just break your arm, shoulder, kneck, knee's, feet, ankles, ribs, neck, back and your skull anytime you get anywhere near them." then it's "Oh, and don't worry about disipline, all MMA fighters are idiotic assholes with bad attitudes."



What is martial arts to you? A bunch of $300 a month scammers who do soft punches in the air, do "forms", point sparring, don't even acknowledge grappling or groundfighting, and require you to buy their crap.


so why are boxing only people so unsuccessful in mma?


mma sucks. mercer knocked out sylvia in less than 10 secs. mercer is 48, sylvia is 33. it was an mma fight, not a boxing match. mma sucks. end of discussion. the only mma fighters that have talent are anderson silva and gsp. forrest griffin moves in slow motion, and anderson humiliated him using superior boxing skills. what happened to griffin's ground game? if you notice anderson always wins a fight standing up. because he is a trained boxer and muay thai artist. he has great footwork and very good with his hands. frank mir got his ass whooped by lesnar without so much skill involved. just brute strength. and dana white offering mayweather to fight sean sherk for 2 million dollars??? are you kidding me? he made at least 25 million dollars for the dela hoya fight. he could even make at least 15 million dollars if he fights a nobody like bobby pacquiao. he looks at ufc like it is garbage. i am not saying all mma fighters suck, but most of them do.


mercer was also submitted by kimbo slice, who at the time had barely any wrestling/bjj skill. anderson silva has won a few fights on the ground, watch his fight against dan henderson.


ALRIGHT HERES THE DEAL. Just because you know a little bit of this style and a little bit of that style DOESNT MAKE YOU A GOOD. Your a jack of all trades, MASTER OF NONE. Also, mma has rules, if you depended on mma in a real fight against someone good, you would most likely lose and lose bad. And for your information grappling isn't effective at all if the other guy is an expert at keeping his distance and destroying you at the same time. so you can scratch that too. mma might be fun to learn, but to use it against someones who well experienced in kung fu, or the like is useless, as they wouldn't even waste their time with that mma crap.


ground fighting and grappling is for bitches who dont know how to keep their opponent at bay and take them out without even that close to them in the first place


To me, MMA is nothing but a sport(like wrestling) but has street uses. MMA isn't a martial art, when you think of it, it's nothing but wrestling.

(That's all I'm saying, no bashing. Opinions all the way)


Ok guys and girls MM fuckin mutherfuckin dick suckin A can suck my dick! first of all to beat someone like a gay mma figher u need to master just one type of fighting style for example boxing,muay thai etc. and when i say master i mean really know everything about it and stuff. then get into the ring and beat the shit out of everyone of those guys who are looking for an exuse to touch you on ur balls and feel on u and shit! that is my idea!




can i suck your dick?


UFC supporters-faggot, gay, and n****r r insults u guys jus love. heres my Freudian analysis based on ur pathetic rhetoric. UFC supporters are gay, love getting butt-fucked and geetng "grappled" and gang banged by a bunch of ex-cons who would just pull out a gun and blow sum dumbass MMA's head off on the "street."


You know what the sad thing is?  Some people actually pay to watch MMA/UFC.  You know what they call watching two men in tight shorts hump each other?  PPV gay porn.  Fags.


cool story bro


I personally don't dislike MMA. I'm just not a big fan of it. The way I see it. MMA doesn't suck, neither does boxing, or any other martial art. I believe anyone from any martial art and can knock anyone else of another. It just depends on who is fighting and how they apply their techniques.

I'll admit some MMA fighters I have seen have pretty sloppy form/techniques, but it's whatever works right? They are doing what they can to not get their bells rung.

At the same time I agree that a boxer can stand toe to toe with an MMA practicioner. Of course, I guess it goes back to whoever is fighting.


MMA is for those who lack the heart and/or skill to be boxers. MMA is like a cell phone that takes pics, cuts your hair, cooks, plays videos, and anything else you can think of but it still just amounts to a piece of shit phone that was made, just for those morons, who want to have what they have been convinced is the latest and the greatest.

If mmassholes were as talented as they claim they would have taken the chance at fighting in boxing for 10x what they fight for in the world of mma. The fact that they continue to refuse to enter the SWEET SCIENCE speaks volumes of their lack of balls and talent.

On the other hand you have the boxers who are always the ones with the balls to step into a different world and put their money where their mouth is while mmassholes continue to pussy out and remain in that crib they call the octagon.

Also how can a so-called fighting sport (UFC) claim to be legitimate but you see that they encourage the participation of WWE wrestlers, football players, body builders, unproven internet street fighting bums and any other person with some muscles and some tattoos to compete and even thrive.

The world of mma is full of manufactured frauds and it is being peddled to those lazy individuals who don't want to use their brain and earn their entertainment but instead choose the chaotic fraud that is mma because it gives them the feeling that a car wreck is about to take place at any moment.

In this feeling they are justified because when you have a bunch of crude brawlers/wrestlers/grapplers you are bound to see a crude human train wreck and it appeals more to the low bro individuals morbid side.

Don't choose crude filth over THE SWEET SCIENCE because when you do that it shows you are one of those morons with no sense of history and taste.


Any kind of fighting whatsoever for sport is gay in itself.  It bastardizes what martial arts is all about, which is being warrior, not being a fighter. The difference between a warrior and a fighter is that a warrior is somebody who follows a code of ethics with any style of combat, while a fighter simply fights for their own gain.  Anybody who fights for sport is simply either a bully or a sellout. 

I'm just one of those traditionalist dojo rats I guess.




dojo rat or fagot fuck? that is the real question




lyoto machida,manny paquiao,chuck norris....nuff said


mma blowws


Nope, just a dojo rat.  One who's grown up beyond the macho egotistical bullshit of martial arts.


MMA IS GAY.. you fucking redneck hillbillies watching mma in your moms basement..


you are all fucking stupid, just mad because mma fighters can kick the shit out of boxers


MMA has become nothing more then a trend, a fad if you will. The UFC brand must have hired some genius marketing managers within the past 5 years. I remember UFC back in the 90's when NO ONE knew about it.



84> The reason mixed martial artists don't get into boxing is because boxing is very limited. The reason there arent many great boxers is because it only incorperates one skill set(hands). The reason why there is so many mixed martial artists is because thats exactly what it is, MIXED. For example lets say there is a brilliant boxer against a judo practitioner, the judo guy knows hell get whooped in the stand up so he takes it to the ground. Its a great avenue for people of all arts because they can find success using their own styles.


The guy who said MMA guys dry hump each other to death is right.  And yeah, rolling around on the ground and sweating on another guy is gay.  So is the crowd of teenage boys cheering you on to check his oil.  Don't be afraid of your gayness, embrace it like you would an MMA fighter guy/lover/pulsing mass of sweaty muscles.  Delicious.


People who say that Boxers can beat anyone in a street fight or even hint that boxing is at all practical outside the ring have to remember that MIKE TYSON BROKE HIS HAND in a street fight.  Boxing is a sport that only end with you drawing in coloring books like Muhammad Ali.


People who say that Boxers can beat anyone in a street fight or even hint that boxing is at all practical outside the ring have to remember that MIKE TYSON BROKE HIS HAND in a street fight.  Boxing is a sport that only end with you drawing in coloring books like Muhammad Ali.



            ∧_∧ fap fap
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(Krav Maga,Ninjutsu,MMA>Boxing>MMA

All the guy's who think that MMA is going to work in the real world need a serious reality check.
Granted that MMA guy's are good at groundwork and it isn't all about dry humping each other.
 However no matter how skilled you are at ground techniques. two or more opponents and BAM! your BJJ is useless. even if you've trained in it for 40 years. two untrained bums will render your groundwork training useless.

70% of MMA is neutralized by just having to fight two guys regardless of how much they suck. A boxer on the other hand can still utilize his entire arsenal. Let's face it, you see the military forces the world over doing Krav Maga,MCMAP, Philipino cops train in escrima while Indian cops do Kalari but you never hear of any one who is required to fight in a real life situation doing MMA or boxing
however Boxing is waay more usefull in a streetfight than MMA. Several of MMA take downs in fact if tried on concrete will lead to the attacker damaging himself.


MMA is boring when the fighters hit the ground, most guys stink at punches and kicks because they are expert grapplers.  Its mostly sloppy.  Anderson silva wipes the floor with these guys because he can actually kickbox. Now I would like to see anderson silva fight buakaw.  that would be hilarious. Buakaw would wipe the floor with him so easily. I respect grappling and its effectiveness but for sports we should just stick to wrestling in high school or boxing.  MMA is boring to me when I see guys who stink and have no chins. Who cares if you can grapple, nobody wants to see that! the majority of the people want to see a KO! Martial arts is respect, its about self defense. If you do a martial art you should try and master it but you dont have to go on tv and show off saying that your tough. If you are tough fight in boxing, thats the toughest sport of all or try and wrestle in the olympics, thats tough too.  Fedor is the best right? How come he recieved bronze medals in judo? and not gold? cmon man, guys who are in mma have a better chance to be champ because alot of the guys they face are bums. Some are good. Few are great. BJ penn is great, only guy i truly respect in mma.


Because martial arts should be all about pretty flying kicks and katas, right?

No, Martial Arts should be about fighting. Since when is Wrestling a Martial Art?  Saying that UFC isn't 85 percent Rolling around on the ground, 15 percent striking is just not looking at the fact (coming from a fan).  It's like saying boxing doesn't including the boring 'Tie Hugging'' (also a fan of boxing I am).  The two events are different, I just think people are tired of hearing how UFC is as real as it gets. It's not.  If it was as real as it got then there would be NO rules the way it started. Since it became a ''sport'' it's now suppoed to be ''the fastest growing sport in history'' just that statement alone dumbens the 'sport'.  You can't call the fighters the most diciplined fighters ever and still say it's the fastest growing sport ever, (which  means new comers are coming in learning Martial Arts then go out and fight.) The sad truth about "MMA" is that I've seen some fighters only training for 3 months before they faught professoinally. (that's the bad part about fastest growing) yet, I've never seen (though possible) a boxer fighting pro with only 3 months of training.  Roy Jones Jr fought over 200 Amature fights before his first pro fight.  That says something about boxers dedication.  UFC is yet to see where it's going to end up.. it's a hype, yes, but for how long?   Has a loooooong way to go to beat boxing's years of exsistance.


speak for yourself NATE, everybody has a chin to be clipped.. remember the episode of Bully Beatdown when the Bully Dropped the Pro Fighter? If you want MMA fighters dry humping you to death, by all means lay down.


Grappling is a Martial art. Infact, Jiu-jitsu is the oldest martial art. Now, I have no need for Ammy MMA fights. They are just doing it because it is a fad and most fighters no nothing. So they just act like they do and get in there in fight. Anyone has a punchers chance in Ammy MMA. Jiu-Jitsu is one of the hardest martial arts to master, it is also the most effective. Currently strikers are making a come back, but that is only because grapplers are playing their game. They need to revert to the old days of using one martial art system and sticking to it. Most grapplers can wipe the floor with a Karate Black Belt, boxer or kick boxer. The only thing that pisses me off about MMA is the fad part of it, anyone who watches the UFC thinks they know how to fight. Also, what you see today in MMA matches is SPORT Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling. Not the system of jiu-jitsu that was developed thousands of years ago. Traditional Ju-Jitusu is a brutal system that was developed for war, not fighting in a cage with rules. It was designed to inflict death or complete immobility on your opponent, not a tap.

I have been training in Jiu-Jitsu for 4 years and love it, it is highly effective against anyone. Most street fighters have no idea what to do when they are mounted and attacked. That is the beauty of the art.

To all you wanna be MMA idiots that follow the fad and think you will be on the UFC just remember it take years and years of training. Training with PROFESSIONAL trainers, not your local back yard asshole. Getting to the UFC is more difficult than getting a spot on a pro NFL team. So if you are waiting for that big paycheck you will end up on welfare.







MMA is a sport that might Fade away.  When it was Freestyle back in the day like in Ufc 1, it was so much cooler. Even Royce Gracie doesnt like it, he only likes watching certain fighters and he even states how it should be like the old rules to show the real martial arts.  MMA took boxings blue print so it can be a legal sport.  Why dont they just go to the days of the first ufc with no time limits, few rules, I would put no gouging, groin strikes, and biting. Boxing is historical and as a sport it will always survive, it has been around since ancient greece and I think even before that too.  Pankration was in ancient greece but how come it didnt survive like boxing? MMA is confusing, there is alot of mixed feelings about this sport and I dont blame fighters like mayweather and etc. talking bad about it, seriously , who wants to see a guy on top of another guy for 5 rounds? Gracie  did real juijitsu, the rest is BS.


mma should be banned, the world is so messed up right now, the music sucks, little kids can curse like its royal english, what happend to the good old 80s and even the 70s. where everyone had respect, music was incredible, living was easier and alot more fun. Where are the Rocky balboas who have HEART AND DONT CARE WHO THEY FIGHT.


It takes TREMENDOUS SKILL TO BE IN BOXING! you must train from very very young. I truly think that mma is making martial arts into a mockery. Why are people fighting like that? thats not a sport and thats not martial arts.  First off people want entertainment, mma doesnt have much action once the fight hits the floor. Next, most guys are sloppy boxers/ kickboxers. Kickboxing or K-1 is great because it shows martial arts and its entertainment. MMA is mostly meat heads, guys that are jacked with tatoos and they tackle a guy down, GO TO FOOTBALL!
Its funny , you see a  guy that couldnt make it to K-1 or high level boxing and he's knocking every fighter in mma senseless{anderson silva} ITS A TOTAL JOKE MAN! ITS ALL HYPE.


i like mma but is just a sport, and now it's just a sport for rich kids that can afford to work out all day and not worry about bills,  anyway's i've watched hundreds of fughts on the tube in mma it's allway's the same thing punch or get them on the ground, and when they show there stats there a tenth degree black belt in something and all these other styles but when the bell rings, nothing but wild punches and just trying to get them on the ground, i can't wait for someone that really does use some shit get in there...


Alot of very ignorant people on this board.

UFC wasn't very popular in the 90s because it was new and only able to be seen on PPV. It had a lot of criticism for the lack of rules which led to a lot of the rules seen today. The added rules allowed UFC to go on.

A lot of people on this board are talking about how grapplers couldn't do this and that in a street fight. In case you didn't know in the first couple UFCs the only rules were no eye gouging or fish hooking. So they were allowed to hit the groin, headbutt, punch in the back of the head, kick a down man, basically everything and there were no weight restrictions. There were no gloves either. The early UFCs were won by grapplers just like today. Royce Gracie faced a world class kickboxer in Gerard Gordeau in the finals of UFC 1. Gracie quickly defeated him and I don't even remember Gordeau getting too many strikes in if any.

MMA is highly technical, but I will say I think more if is stuff you need a trained eye for. I did Jujitsu for 7 years, Judo, Muay Thai, and have been wrestling for the last 8 years and you do notice a lot of technique in MMA, but a lot of stuff for people in America is unrecognizable and it makes it look like they aren't really doing anything.


You have to know there are a lot of high quailty athletes in there too, Judo Olympians, Wrestling Olympians, World Class Karate and Kickboxing Champions.

There is an unfortuante stigma as well among MMA fighters being douches and having no sportsmanship. Like any other sport you will have guys like that, but I'll say about 90% of them are good guys. After Mark Coleman got beat by Fedor he went and had a beer with him. George St. Pierre kept getting hassled by a guy at a bar, GSP told him he didn't want any problems. When GSP left the bar the guy came outside and was trying to fight GSP, GSP told him that he did not want to fight. The guy attacked GSP and GSP took him down to the ground, stood over him, and told him that he does not want to fight him and walked away.


Constantinople vivisectomy


constantinople vivesectomy


So many!


So little!



Lose Weight





Personally am not a fan of MMA and am not a fan of many martial arts, because most so called traditional martial arts are now fake ,i mean look at karate or tae kwon do do you really think that true karate or tae kwon do fighters fight like that, highly unlikely.Modernization has made martial arts weaker and made it loose most of it`s true purpose which IS NOT FOR VIOLENCE it is for creating peace. MMA is a good sport but its not a martial arts, there are skilled fighters however any true martial artists would so how sloppy these people are and how barbaric, People martial arts is not to beat each other into a pulp its  to be strong and have a healthy body but in the end still use ur skill to prevent as much fighting as possible and us it only in dire needs not because oh i have a match with this guy so i am gonna literally kill him. Most of you people talk about grappling , yes grappling is affective in real life but do you really think people will just let you grab them, not before u get hammered in the head a few times or simply when someone is trying to perform a takedown on you, u just knee them in the head and its over,and oh yes people use knifes and guns how the hell will ground fight help you?.  I am not here to say MMA sucks but MMA should not be called martial arts cause martial arts is not suppose to be barbaric and I believe all MMA fighters are full of themselves and disrespectful or else they wouldnt even join such a barbaric tournament. Thank You for your time




Yeah, look at me. I'm posting on 4chan waht.


>>123 Your gay!


First off, please shut the fuck up for those of you that think you would stand a chance against a profiled MMA fighter OR a boxer in a real fight. These sports are not fighting, they are fighting simulation. The fighter practice fighting full force, which is the most gruelingly exhausting thing you can do, next to a full sprint, and you have the psycological aspect of fear, and lack thereof. These guys know how to take, and to give a punch. A fucking TKD or karate or kung fu or other "martial artist" have not a fucking clue, being completely dellusional thinking that they practice deadly techniques in the air will actually make them able to defend themselves against multiple opponents. God i think thats hillarious. A fighter is a man hardened in the ring. He will not blink. And he will destroy you in a real fight. Try one and see. Try me.


Martial Arts were created for the sole purpose so the weak little guy can defend himself against the big strong guy.  Royce Gracie and his family showed the world how a man that is non athletic can defend himself in a dominant way.  Now this is one on one, in a real street fight a person most likely has his buddies around so you will get beaten badly if you are on the ground. But if you are being bullied by one person constantly , than I guess Jujitsu will help you.  Mixed Martial Arts is not that barbaric, elbows make it brutal as well as knees but its not that bad.  Its a sport now and most guys are athletes that cross train alot.  I have mixed feelings toward it , because of this sport there is alot of confusion going on, I myself am very confused and I dont know what to think of mma , you see new things every day.  Boxing is a great sport but the brain damage is immence in that sport.  I guess there is really no answer to boxing vs mma or why mma sucks or why its good or why boxing sucks , etc. etc. People have their own opinions and I believe that everyone should do what they love and they should be humble and respect everyone and everything around them.  Manny Pacquiao is a great example, a very hard working champion who never talks bad about anyone, just does what he loves, does his job.


"MMA fighters are the most highly skilled fighters in the world.  Can you imagine everywhere you go knowing that you can take every person you see." Actually, I'm reasonably sure most every soldier enlisted in one of countless elite combat units spread all over the world could one up most MMA fighters because of the application of not only rigorous martial arts training, but also military strategy and countless hours honing those skills in situations where they aren't bound by a referee or match rules.


To the haters who don't like MMA, if you don't want to be hugged and taken to the floor then do something about it, oh wait you can't.


The MMA hate here is ridiculous. Are some of you angry at most of the fighters move set? I'm sorry but we had like UFC 1-29 to show us what is effective and what isn't. BJJ, Muay Thai, wrestling, and boxing have proven most effective but any martial art is welcome and several notable fighters even have background in karate. Are you mad that the fighters don't look like long hair bishonen anime fags? Do they in any sport?



All the major champions today are white. Probably why it's not being promoted like it used to.


         ∧_∧   / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
          ( ´∀`) < watashi wa o nanae sa table cat king fairx the haxxor!
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   ___________| |


Wrestling sucks


I like mma,( the sport and idea behind it) not the wanna be fighters that think because they take it for three months they're some bad ass fighter;that just shows a lot of ignorance and lack discipline, the sad thing is that most of the people i know are like that, i think thats the sole reason why the sport seems like is intended only for idiots who need a self confidence boost. But i still have faith that there are some decent mma practitioners out there and not just duce bags.



Why are people talking so much crap, mma is martial arts , its mixed martial arts, its true that there are lots of herbs now that where tap out shirts train one hour of jujitsu and one hour of muay thai and call themselves fighters and martial artists. I know this and I hate it but there are very good fighters in mma like in boxing, real fighters and martial artists like bj penn or anderson silva.  Fedor is another example, sambo warrior who sticks to his art and keeps to himself.  Boxing and martial arts are great for sport, people love it and there will always be controversy because most people are insecure and afraid, be yourself and do what you want to truly do in life, don't be a wannabe and do mma or even boxing to show off and to have people think your tough because you will end up losing in the end.  Be yourself, be happy, do what you love, boxing vs mma is all BS, watch what you want to watch if you like both great, if not don't worry and continue on your journey in life with honor and respect.


Wrestling sucks




The thing I HATE the most about "modern" mma, is pounding the life out of an unconscious corpse. CLASSLESS. The referees are a joke, I mean how can anyone respect a sport where such cowardly acts are allowed. I understand that being allowed in a street fight but a professional sport it shouldn't. I hope this sport dies in a few years.


itt op is a faggot hipster who only watches ufc and think every other fighting sport is like it


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MMA hate is ridiculous. Are you angry at most of the fighters' move set? I'm sorry but we had hundreds of MMA events in the 90s to show us what is effective and what isn't. If you can make a name for yourself in MMA using "unorthodox" moves you're more than welcome.

Jujutsu, Muay Thai, wrestling, and boxing have proven to be the most effective in this sport, but any martial art is welcome and several notable fighters even have background in other martial arts. Are you mad that the fighters don't look like long hair bishonen anime fags? Or is it the attire? I liked uniforms and gis also but they interfere with the fight.



"As real as it gets" my ass.

1.Corporate sponsorship.
2.No throat shots.
3.No eye gouges. 
4.No groin Shots.
5.Equal Skill Level.
6.Equal Weight.
7.Months to prepare.
8.You know your opponent.
9.One on One fights.
10.Breaks every 5 minutes.
11.Padded Floors.
12.You can tap out.
13.Fight stops when a fighter looks Ko'd.
14.No weapons.
15.Coaches & trainers yelling instructors.
16.Gloves so you don't break your hands.
17.Worst case scenario..Ko or broken limb.
18.On the scene doctors and medics.
19.No outside interference.
20.No PCP,Speed, Ice or other Drugs. (Unless you are chael sonnen)

Not one of those rules exists in a "real" no holds barred fight.
UFC & Legalized MMA events are just sports.

Also note, Dana claims "It is safer then boxing", Yes Dana White..Nothing says "REAL" like "safety first".



         ∧_∧   / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
          ( ´∀`) < VIVA MEOWXICO!
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  .    ノく__========つ--
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why don't you faggots get off your fat asses and actually do some boxing or MMA instead of crying over which is best like a bunch of little girls?

in truth, boxing is a very good sport; and it works very well in MMA (along with a good combination of wrestling and jiu jitsu). how the fuck do you compare two different sports and fighting systems? you can't!

i personally enjoy watching boxing and MMA; and i do train in MMA as well, incorporating a lot of boxing into my skill set. a smart person would ABSORB WHAT IS USEFUL and DISCARD WHAT IS NOT, like Bruce Lee said, instead of whining like a bunch of pussies.

what i can't stand from both sports are the fanboys. all you little fucks can do is yap about what is best or what sucks. yet none of you are man enough to try them yourselves.

grow the fuck up.




In other words you're too pussy to compete, you would get your ass kicked, and you want to try to justify it by calling it "fake fighting".



ummm to me a dual is the greatest way, prove your ready to die and piss your life away to take somone else's mma boxing or what have you they are all pussies we need another mass war this world needs to be uethanized.


live stream link plz


grappling is hilariously useless outside of sanctioned ``fighting'' wherein you're free to knee the guy in the nose when he tries to hug you

course guy will be dead and you'll go to jail for it if anyone witnesses it though





This "fatal nose strike" is a lie. Also you're probably referring to freestyle wrestling leg takedowns, there are literally hundreds of moves you ignorant computer-desk Internet tough-guy troll.


MMA itself is not a "style". MMA is a form of competition. The realest and most effective form of competition the masses have seen since pankration in the ancient Olympic Games.


MMA is on national TV. Boxing is continuing to get it's ass beat and face kicked in. U mad Boxingfags?


Not if I shot him in the face with my S&W 410 first.  Seriously if I had some beefcake bearing down on me or my girlfriend I'd put 3 .40 rounds in him before he hit the floor.  He certainly wouldn't get to give me a sweaty man hug.
God created all men, Sam Colt made them equal.


I watch boxing whenever I see it on.  I prefer the weight classes under heavy though.  You seem to get a longer, better, fight out of them. 
I also agree that MMA is moronic.  Every fucking time I watch it I see 2 guys hugging on the floor.  Makes me wonder if the guys who watch it all the time are closet fags.


Public perception of the average mixed martial artist is that of a professional bar brawler. Several well-known MMA fighters, such as David "Tank" Abbot and Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson did in fact have a background as actual street fighters but have achieved only limited success in professional competition. In reality, fighters must cross-train extensively in a variety of disciplines to achieve any high-level success in the sport. Common background disciplines include wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, judo and karate. As time goes on and the sport grows, the next generation of fighters will feature a greater number of purists who began training the sport at a young age rather than transferring in from another discipline.


I'm a black belt in marksmanship. Come at me bro. Eat 7.62mm full metal jacket.


well i respect both sports. i dont understand why people have to argue and diss the other sport just because they like one better. but boxing in this is fact is part of mma so if its really boxing vs mma it has been already proven that mma is surpirior. "any current boxing champion would wipe the floor with anyone in UFC etc". yes James Toney thought the same. the result we saw.




why you lookin at my dick?


what a fucking waste. mma is USELESS! stop saying they're real good! put a mma fighter in the ring with an experienced kung fu, hapkido, or bjj MASTER, mma shithead is going to get hurt and hurt real bad. Ive SEEN mma fighters get beat up by real fighters, why? cause they dont know shit!


grappling is useless if the other fighter can keep you away at a distance whole fighting. if someone could do that then why are you saying its soooo importantr  ITS NOT you morons, i'll kick your fucking asses right now, I'm losing it! eat my long ass penas! a b b b b bitch! i'll kick yo ass with tang soo do with a little added i made loce you to ya girlfriend!


stop sitting in your moms basement watching mma videos 24/7 with occasionally throwing in never back down and fighting. you justa bitch... but when daddy says, do push up son, you say, no me pussy! me got videos to watch, xbox and ps3 to play  (mma games),
i love mma fighters so sexy wathcing them grope and hump each other gives me boner!


Yo bro. I'm an mma fighter I'll kick your asses anytime, anywhere.


FUCK you mma fighter I'll throw you down and finish you off with special move mother dfucka hadogen you asswipe


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All boxers can do is PUNCH and use footwork and head movement that is adapted to fighting someone else who can ONLY PUNCH.



It's been done. MMA prevails everytime.





uh bro no it doesn't. actually it RARELY prevails


MMA is truly USELESS. ITS NOT A SELF DEFENSE SYSTEM, ITS A COMBATIVE SPORT. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT try to use mma in a REAL FIGHT, especially someone whos been trained FULLY or is even decent in another martial art. You WILL get hurt. YOUR ENDURANCE TRAINING WONT COUNT FOR SHIT, if you opponent is better trained than you in technique. and with mma fighters, this is ALWAYS THE CASE. MMA IS GAY. LEARN THE FULL MARTIAL ART, not just pieces of it.


how right you are


you cant compare mma vs kung fu, jujitsu, hapkido, or any other martial arts based on what you just see in the ring. YOU JUST CANT. you know why? because mma fights are NOT REAL FIGHTS. put that mma guy against the same dude in the street where the kung fu, hapkido, etc. guy can use moves he couldn't in the ring. mma guy is not going to have a good time. mma fights have rules, therefore they ARE NOT real



If you are unable to punch someone in a ring...why would you be able to punch them "in da street"?



Early UFC had NO RULES. And look who prevailed. Wrestling, shootfighting, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.



Maybe you didn't get the memo but your bullshit kung fu and aikido was exposed in 1993.



And this is the exact same thought process all the other people who got easily tapped out had.



You're a pussy OP. Even an amateur mixed martial artist could mop the floor with you.


last time I heard IN A REAL FIGHT, no one is trying to tap each other out



your not too bright are you?


you completle misread the post. he didn't say mma guy couldnt he said the other couldnt because of mma rules which make certain moves in certain fighting styles illegal. there are no illegal moves in a street fight.


what the heck are you talking about? exposing two centuries old styles? Ive bet you've never heard the story about Bruce Lee who had a huge man picking on him and insulting him one of the sets of his movies. Bruce Lee accepted his challenge and "systematically took him apart with ease." whats to expose? give me a frigging break.


you seem to forget that whether ufc had rules or not at one point, its STILL a competitive sport and has way different dynamics and circumstances than a REAL fight. and your talking semantics by saying different styles beat other people. just because someone uses bjj doesn't make them a mma. If someone just trained in bjj beat someone in another style DOESNT mean mma won.

you seem to forget that mma is just a complilation of fighting styles NOT A FIGHTING STYLE IN ITSELF


how the hell is two guys on the floor for 3/4 of the time throwing a few punches and kicks here and there a reliable way to judge fighting styles. its not. even real rights dont last that long.



Gene LeBell says hello


Bruce Lee is shit


Bruce Lee did shit for the development of martial arts. Instead of exposing the mainstream to all the wrestling, judo, and boxing that was around at the time, Bruce Lee showed audiences bullshit "watah" techniques. He hindered, not helped martial arts.


These NBA basketball players wouldn't last 5 minutes playing streetball.

They play basketball for "sport" and "money". I do it for survival.


These NHL hockey players wouldn't last 5 minutes playing street hockey.

They play hockey for "sport" and "money". I do it for survival.



mma isn't street fighting. in a street fight you can do anything to win. attack the balls and eyes and you'll win any fight


UFC doesn't mimick real fighting at all because of aforementioned rules. No strikes to back of head, no knees to grounded opponents, no kicks to the head of grounded opponents (includes stomps), or even kneeling opponents. These rules make the fights weak imo. The only reason jon jones can come out crouched like he does is because he can't be kicked or kneed in the face. I've seen guys taking punishment on their knees dip their head and expose their neck to AVOID being hit!. I'm no pride fanboy, but I think they had it right with allowing all of these things. The fights are much more brutal and realistic. If you are on the ground and someone is on top of you, you are in waaaay more trouble if they can knee and stomp the hell out of you. That's the way it should be imo.


MMA was better with Pride rules - knees to the head and kicking people when they were down made for much quicker fights.


Its a business and they all make money, they are f*ckin herbs who act all hard. Boxing is the real deal, if you want to make money for fighting do boxing where it is real man to man. Tank Abbott was the REAL AND TRUE Ultimate Fighter he was the guy who f*cked people up for real.


Its all bull man its all about making money, its truly all crap. People just talk so much trash and hype up so much bs stuff. The real fights were in the jungles of Vietnam get the f*ck out of here you fake tough guys.



Break a chair on me is not a sport




>implying homofags in san francisco are into sports, even quasi-sports


First, MMA is not gay as balls do not touch.

Second, boxing champions will lose if they fought MMA champions because MMA champions are superior fighters and boxers will be put on the ground and punched in the nose until they give up or get KO'ed.

Third, boxing is not growing up while MMA is. Boxing inevitably will stop being the top fighting sport in the world and there is nothing that boxingfags can do anymore.


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@210 mma closet homo detected


MMA is crap, definitely is not a sport. Grappling is for guys who cannot fight standing up. This whole fad is just another example of history being forgotten so we have to bear nonsense until the obvious is seen. Kick boxing, wrestling throws, ok, but stop there. What you have now in competition is nothing more than trash fighting.


I should say Grappling is for guys that are too drunk to fight standing up!


Monks from Thailand China and so  on. True martial artists who devote their lives to better themsevles and the world through a fighting. Concepts angles disntance, and the feel. Not to mention  spiritual awareness. These fighters at UFC are bullshit, greedy assholes who only commit to few techniques for personal gain.


Ok people some of the big mma and UFC fighters had trained in some type of martial art but the new people have no respect, stop being so self contaned with the mma  is the best shit it's not put one of the new mma fighters in a match with a taekwondo master or a hapkido master and see what happens


Most of the anti-MMA fags in this thread are fucking retarded. Where did this notion that UFC fighters are allowed to grab/attack eachothers crotches come from? This simply isn't the case...and this belief that all UFC fights are ground fights. Have you ever even watched UFC? PLENTY of fights are fought completely standing up. MMA literally INCLUDES boxing as there are many MMA fighters who are trained to strike and use boxing-style methods as their primary game. MMA is boxing plus added personalization and creativity. Now how is that 'less' of an art? And for all of the guys saying boxing champs would own MMA fighters, no. If this would be the case, all the top UFC rankings would have been dominated by boxers for years now. What reason would an acclaimed boxer have not to step into the moneypit and hype frenzy that is the UFC spotlight right now? In b4 "cuz box0rs have class and they wouldn't lower themselves to juvenile mma" don't kid yourself. Any self respecting fighter would love to compete and excel in another style if they knew they could.



In summary, this thread consists of folks arguing that training matters.  What matters most is general intelligence, age, physical attributes and circumstance.  Having the intelligence to understand what is taking place in a fight matters.  Given a series of rules and for that matter in real life "laws" one needs to prevail under those circumstances  Age matters as hormonal levels will change.  As you get older you are less wanting to go blow for blow or engage in such events.  An age or authority gap matters a lot.  It is one advantage law enforcement has over a trained fighter.  Physical skill is in general obvious as you need to have strength.  In general, size discrepancies mean a lot.  A lesser skilled fighter with size will eventually dominate a more skilled fighter.  Weight matters which is why there will always be weight classes to allow for skill level development.  Circumstances in the end also means everything.  Tough is an attribute of a brain that is able to accept the consequence.  An unexpected consequence will generally change the results.  The largest issue with most martial arts is that the practitioners train to the type of fights that they want.  In life luckily, most of us do not have to deal with random conflict and violence.  If this was the case almost all of the studies would be different including both traditional and mixed arts.


skip to around 2:30 to see what happens when two sport fighters go up against a highly experienced aikidoka and then tell me that martial arts like wushu and aikido are ineffective


boxers even make fun of the ones who cant even turn pro as they'll end up south in the gay redneck bullshit cock punching
i do kickboxing and boxing now for around 4 years with intense training i could beat up all those guys up to like 75 kg/165lbs
P.S. im 17 and 66 kg/145lb

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Aikidofags cant do shit.

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