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No thumbnails on 4chan


Hi guys.
I don't know why, but none of the thumbnails on any of the boards work. I can click on the thumbnail and open the full size image though.
This just happened overnight. Have no idea how.

Also, 99% I can't post anything. After I hit reply, I just get bumped to the main page. wtf?

(btw, I tried this in both Internet Explorer and Firefox)


i think its broked....


Lots of people can't view the thumbnails, myself included, so far no solution has been found.


Flush DNS cache.


I tried flushing DNS and changing the DNS server. Neither worked.


I got the same problem. Thumbnails dont show, though full images do. If I right click the thumbnail and try to view it, the connection times out, as if the thumbnail server was down (but its not, obviously)


ah andd it started happening in december. Flushing DNS cache from command prompt didnt fix it.


I have the same issue too but haven't figured out how to fix it yet


Have you tried connecting though a proxy?

You're being blocked from


Suffered the same issue too, until yesterday. I tried some stuff at my router page (should be 192.168.2.x) and found out that turning off the router firewall, or setting the protection to medium solves the problem. Good luck.


Suffered the same issue too, until yesterday. I tried some stuff at my router page (should be 192.168.2.x) and found out that turning off the router firewall, or setting the protection to medium solves the problem. Good luck.


Hey using a proxy did work. Why would we be blocked?


confirmed that turning the router firewall off works, not sure if its safe to do though...


Not sure...

Ask your ISP.


I second that turning the router firewall off works!


I found out the cause. Some routers think the thumbnails are a DDoS from 4Chan so the firewall blocks them.


 so how do we avoid this?


Download text to image, never click thumbnails again.












Turning off router firewall worked, thought it was just me with this problem, cheers.



I have same issue but it can't be the router's firewall because on other PCs in my house (sharing same router ofc) thumbnails work properly!

So it's something on my PC only... and I can't figure it out.


Fucking fuck. I've had this problem since November 09.

I've been avoiding 4chan because of it.

Just now I realized I had the XP VM that can be installed on W7. The thumbs showed up like normal. Then I made the mistake of installing FireFox. Now they don't display anymore on the VM either on FF or IE.

Fucking fuck.


>>26 Again.

I did a System Restore on the VM. They display normally again.

Can anyone else confirm this? Does FireFox change the network adapter settings when it's installed or what? This might help clear the problem if anyone else is using FF.


>>26 Again.

Tried Google Chrome. Same shit happened.



I'm having the same problem. It can't be the router because other computers are fine on 4chan, it's just my one. No firewalls on the computer turned on


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HA ha! I have figured a way to get around it!

Go to Firefox and type about:config in the address line.
Discard the warnings but take care not to accidentally click
anywhere on the page or you will change some setting.

Go down to this entry:


Right click it and lower the figure from the default of 30 to 10.

Reboot the system at least once.

I don't know why this problem was affected by the router firewall but
I suppose it is possible that 30 connections was seen as an attack.

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DAMN! You must have been pretty concerned to even consider entering the internet (especially 4chan) with IExplorer! Your bravery is nonparallel to my common sense! -That is actually a compliment, not a sarcastic ass hat remark.




Have a high-five! Have a brofist! Have a beer or five!




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