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Reinstalling windows... How to remove bloat?


Im gonna reinstall windows but I heard some where that there is a program which helps removes the bloat.Any help would be nice.




Lunix, 2K, tweakxp, what >>2 said, and more RAM lol


Skillz, services.msc, registry editing, and no installing bullshit (ex: system tray stuff, kewl things).


I have a haxed version of XP that I got off tpb, it's titled "barenaked edition". It's stripped down so it installs in a tiny amount of space and has a vastly reduced memory footprint. Haven't tried it yet, it didn't work in qemu.


nLite (the free xpLite?)

I used it for my current install. It can reduce the size of the install drastically. My /Windows/ was down to 1GB at first boot. But the performance gains are really overembellished, unless you're willing to lose compatibility with tons of programs.

It is the XP noob user's response to Gentoo, and it's bullshit. Forget about it. Disable services and turn off themes and indexing, that's the best you can do. Don't turn a fresh install into a fallout zone- you'll regret it. I was careful enough to know what I wanted to break and what I didn't, but mistakes are easy. You'll just waste your time.


When using nLite, dont remove Windows Media Player although you have never used it. You wont be able to play wmv & wma without it.


Media Player Classic has the splitters for wmv built-in.


:O REMOVE BLOAT? XP IS FULL-O-GOODIES! why would you wanna get rid o them?


tweakxp? there seems to be more than one tweakxp on the internets...

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