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12chan /boys/


I just spent a really enjoyable evening looking at pics of some beautiful young boys on the 12chan website. Although they are not allowed to post any nude shots, some of the pics are pretty risqué, which is great. It can be nice to see nude pics but sometimes pics of young boys half-naked can be so arousing, wondering what lies beneath those shorts and pants.

This is when I love being a pedophile, when I can just relax and look at sexy young boys on line and have a good wank imagining the brilliant sex I would have if those boys were here with me. It gets me sooooooo hard and horny.


Yes, it's just so great knowing that young boys all over the world are being exploited, and that people like you would gladly take away their innocence against their will. I hope you die a horrible death.


What's the worst that can happen? The boy grows up fearing anal sex? Or maybe he hates sex in general? (Nah, impossible). If men wouldn't take out their unhappiness from their childhood on women there'd be no problems. They can turn gay and rape and give each other AIDS all they like, and I'll be happy they removed themselves from the gene pool.


That is not a a justification. Do you know just how traumatized someone would be if they were raped at a young age? Would you really do such an awful thing to someone just for your own pleasure? You're pathetic, even for a pedophile. I don't mind pedophiles who accept that their fantasies will only be fantasies, and they'd never want to hurt a child, but you are just sick.


This is copy/pasta from ¯\(°_o)/¯ except they replaced all the words of "girl" with "boy"


Yea dude you're really fucked up and fucking disgusting. You just want to believe that what you're doing isn't hurting anybody because you just want to keep enjoying doing it. If someone, especially a kid, gets raped it will not only affect him emotionally but psychologically. His whole personality will be different and he'll be withdrawn from everyone else. On top of that there's a pretty good chance that he'll become a sex offender too and his relationships with women will suffer. A life of sexual confusion and frustration will be hanging over him for the rest of his life because you have a problem and refuse to get help for it you selfish bastard.

I know you probably won't read this shit because you've got your head so far up your perverted ass so basically fuck off and when you get caught for your pedophilia affliction just prepare for the consequences of getting the shit beaten out of you in jail. Pedos are the first to go in the jail food chain you sick perverted fuck.


12chan is an FBI trap.

enjoy being partyvaned


FBI lacks jurisdiction in Europe




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