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I need serious help. I keep cumming randomly.


It's extremely embarassing and annoying. I don't mind the feeling when alone, just when in public. I made a pyramid out of carboard for my presentation in class once and i just cummed outta nowehre and i fell back, yelling. then another time it was winter snowing my bro hit me with a snowball and i cummed and fell. and also i was on the plane watching a movie and then i cummed and jerked back. please i need to stop it. i went to a doctor but i kept cummin on her face.


Turn it into a career! Preform for little children!


but that would be a bad example to the kids, i dont want them to grow up thinking its ok to do that


bottle it and sell it as vanilla coke.


Rub icy hot on it.


close pin


I see a carreer in the porn business for you.


i have that problem to.....


god, this topic is making me horny.


If you're an actor in a porn movie and you cum before the director tells you to cum you can be arrested for RAPE!


WAT. You need to start citing some sources on this! If what you say is true, there's gotta be some highlarious cases.


Dear Mr. Cumming Randomly.
  People do have these problems, and usually they are associated with a certain internal need to have something else take charge of an issue in their lives they don't want to deal with themselves. If there is something external that makes the choice for then they can "respond" instead of "act." In any case this issue is common amongst those in the /tg/ forum of 4chan. The currently held solution is to stop rolling 2D6 before each event and letting the cum-dice decide.
  Yours truly, a reformed random 3D20+9 cummer.


hello im having a problem with cumming with out getting an erection and it is not nice i wouldnt think u would have any advice on this i really need help


Probably from masterbating to much. It makes you go faster and your body got used to it


Probably from masterbating to much. It makes you go faster and your body got used to it

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