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I just fucked my 15yo sister


I got my friend, Jack, to come over and play coy with her ass. My parents aren't home because they're on a three day trip starting today for some biz crap. Jack, who she's always liked, starts to get her hooked onto this drug crap he's been spewing.

"It'll be great!"

"You'll love it!"

So he pops the pill into her drink, they kiss a little, and then she just goes bonkers. She can't see straight, she's knocked out, and he leaves while I come in.

Then I proceed to fuck my sister for the next hour.

She's sleeping in her bed and will never know what happened to her tonight. Me, I will always remember it and cherish it in my heart as a great night. I fucked my sister and I liked it.

Very much.


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awsome any pix?


Way to bump a five year old thread.




i fuck 15yo sister everyday!!
i then fuck mother aunt daughter and everybody!!
my dick cannot be stop!!!!!!!!


keep swingin' that dick, georgie.


What's the point of having sex with unconscious people? Especially when they are your blood relatives.


Those questions don't often (if at all) come into the minds of degenerates.


keep swingin' that dick, georgie.

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