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Hentai - Illegal in America?


So what's this about hentai being illegal in (North) America now? What constitutes an animated image being considered underage? Does it refer to teenagers as well as loli? And, if yes, what's the criteria for judging that? Help me out, world4ch, I need answers.


It's considered obscene, therefore illegal, like bondage and other sick things.


In other words, like all of pornography and other things vaguely resembling it?


In otherwords and damn hard to prove it illegal and possession is legal. No one wants to touch obscenity laws as they're against 1st amendment and not very clear.


1st amendment? (I'm not american btw)



Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


Looks like America is doing a good job abiding the 1st amendment.


Here's an Ask John section on the debate. It's targeted towards loli, but the points presented in it apply pretty broadly towards all hentai.

The good bit:

 Although the PROTECT act was signed into law by President George W. Bush on April 30, 2003, the 2004 Ashcroft v. American Civil Liberties Union Supreme Court ruling once again determined that a ban on fictional illustrations is unconstitutional. Furthermore, section 504 subsection 1466A of the PROTECT act of 2003 clarifies that "drawing" or "cartoon" visual representations of child sexual abuse must depict a minor involved in sexual activity, be obscene, and lack "serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value" in order to violate the law. Beside the fact that the US Supreme Court has already determined this section of the PROTECT act to be unconstitutional, imported Japanese lolicon art would still have to be legally proven "obscene" and lacking in "literary, artistic" value in order to be deemed illegal. To the furthest extent of my knowledge, that has never occurred on a federal level in America.


Yeah, since it's pretty much impossible, by definition, for a drawing to lack any level of artistic value, the PROTECT act is moot(lol) in that regard in the first place.  I mean, if it's a decent drawing, it obviously has artistic value, and if it's so shitty that it has no artistic value whatsoever, nobody will care about it in the first place.


Reminds me of how people wanted to ban rock and roll in the 50's.
"Oh noes our family values are being attacked!"


Your mom is being fucked.


so shold i delete my loli


But why does the govenment have the right to restrict free speech by moving troublesome people to "Free Speech Zones", huh?


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Send to FBI first, then delete.


If you're referring to protests at big events, it's because those protesters tend to think that they're the only ones with the right of assembly.


Why do you need hentai.Are you a pathetic fag when it comes to getting real women.What can be gained from looking at a stupid unrealistic looking cartoon of a woman.If you want 2 masturbate find some porn on the internet or find a real woman.Its banned because it is stupid and makes no sense.Only small penised pathetic Asians like that,thats why they make it.


You can always do it like Canadians as they have laws that ban fictional "underage" porn. Censor the underage references from games/videos/mangas and stick "all characters are over 18" sticker to it. Stupid, but it works. It's impossible to argue about drawn character's age if it's defined. Other ways to circumvent are robots and other non-human things.


In general underage hentai does not depict "women" usually it would be depicting young girls or boys. It may however depict women or men engaging in sexual acts with these "minors" but that is not always the case. Many depict only the minor or the minor and other minors. Also considering there are more people in the world who are fans of animation in its various forms than who are fans of its real-life counterparts it would seem to me that those jacking off to a hustler or penthouse are the odd ones out. Now thats just me. In my opinion, as a supporter of Bush though that support now is merely because he is "president", this is a ridiculous law. I can't believe someting like that would be put into the books. It just goes to show you how much our great country has been taken over by those who are fanatically devoted to ridiculous ideals and an over-inflated religious text.


At least I understand the difference between "to" and "two".


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Way to bump a five year old thread.


Hentai in general NEVER was illegal. Bible Black for example ALWAYS was legal because it didn't have little kids getting molested/raped. Only LOLI hentai was ever banned, and then the law was repealed anyway. So why is this thread still going?


So why is this thread still going?
Because >>23 bumped it for no apparent reason at all.


Loli/shota is legal on a federal level but it is ultimately up to the state to decide. A friend of mine is locked up for a LONG time because he crossed state lines with that shit. His name was Robert Paulson.






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